Moving on….

After a winter spent selling the house, I think we are about to wrap this thing up. We close on the 28th and then take off with a large truck full of possessions. Almost everything will be staying in the in-laws garage in Mo. My daughter-in-law and I will then head out, each with a car filled with a carefully selected assortment of personal and household goods, to their new apartment in SE Portland.

just watching

I’ve been watching a lot of videos lately; 3-5 a day. Lots of documentaries, Coehn brothers, and Christopher Guest. I watched a documentary last night called ‘Cinemania’ , about these strange people that watch movies all day every day.  I guess I may be becoming a videomanic….I’m ready to move on to something different.

What I’m watching

I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately: There is sequel out to the documentary “The Selling of a Serial Killer” It’s called ” Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer”. It takes the story up to her execution. Sad but a good documentary.

I also recommend “Spellbound” a documentary about the national spelling bee.

Another documentary was “A Class Divided” it’s an update and includes original footage from ” The Eye of the Storm” a documentary about a 3rd grade teacher that divides her class by the color of their eyes to teach them about racial hatred. It’s available online at

set back

me on the couch

I went back to my cabin to recuperate for awhile. I had an accident with a ladder and broke my ankle, so, I spent the whole summer on my couch or on my hammock. It wasn’t a bad summer.

I’m in Florida, now, helping to sell my son’s house.

My ankle is still swollen and doesn’t feel right. A doctor told me it will be a year before it’s right. Most of the stuff I’m reading say it won’t be right till the hardware is removed.

Not sure if a hike will be happening this coming summer. Not even sure what this winter will bring.

all fixed up

I have been hanging out in the Northwest waiting for my box of maps to catch up to me. My tent is now fixed as is my sleeping bag, and pants. I have a new pack, flashlight, hat and music player. Some days a feel alot better. Some days not. I will problally hike around for awhile while I wait for my box to get here. My sister said she would take me to the trailhead.