PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) town guide.

Last update: April 30, 2019

I’ve been busy saving the county, so only do updates when someone e-mails which isn’t often. Please be a voter.  Read about Warren’s public land plan here:

This is the town guide I use when I hike the PCT.  I  save it as a PDF on my smart  phone.   I try to keep things current but there could be mistakes and things change.  Send updates and corrections to pct@asthecrowflies.org

For a PDF-version of town guide enter town guide URL into this site:     https://webpagetopdf.com/

Thru-hiker permit
  It’s my understanding that a thru-hiker permit is not required to thru-hike the PCT.   It is only offered as a convenience so you don’t need to get separate permits for different areas where permits are required.  Permits are not required for a lot of the trail.   If you get checked it will probably be in the Sierras so I’d have one by then.   If you can’t get one for the day you want to start—I wouldn’t sweat it.   If you want one and the PCTA won’t give you one for when you want to start you can contact http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/cleveland/home/?cid=FSEPRD488307 for one.

Permission to enter Canada form

California fire permit “You must have a California Campfire Permit to use a stove, lantern, or campfire outside a developed campground or recreation area.”

Water reports —Very important! You can pickup updated paper copies of the water report at the Idyllwild library(mile 178.6)  and again at Hiker Heaven in Agua Dulce(mile 454.4) so you need only to print out for the first 178 miles.

Halfmile’s Trail Notes—Water sources, town, and trail info in a data book format

Halfmile also has a free highly recommended PCT smartphone app , for I-phone or Android, free downloadable maps, free tracks and waypoints, and free mobile PDF maps to store on your smartphone or print out.

NEW! free App. PCT HikerBot for android (coming soon for Iphone).  It looks really promising.    It has Halfmile’s tracks and waypoints on it and gives you a choice of maps to download for offline use.  Water, town, and trail conditions info can be updated by users.  You also have the option of sharing your location and see where other hikers are who chose to share their location with you.

Another App, is e-Trails  for i-phone  it has the trail and thousands of waypoints on a high-quality USGS basemap.  It has quite a bit of content about natural and human history in addition to the usual campsites and water source data.

Halfmile’s page of trail closure detour maps

Since I’ve been hiking with my smart phone I’ve been hiking with the Gaia GPS app It’s twenty bucks includes unlimited downloads for topos world wide and it loads Halfmile’s tracks and waypoints easily on to it.   I download the maps for the tracks while I have wi-fi—it works without service.

Craig’s PCT Planner  –helpful planning tool.

Postholer also has a hike planning tool , a FAQ on the PCT , data book info, and other PCT info  He also just put out a free trail journal—trail weather—trail data Android app

Pocket PCT: Complete Data and Town Guide 2016 4.9 ounces (139 grams) covers the whole trail: town info, water sources, landmarks and, elevation profile.  I’ve never used this but might be worth checking out if you wanted a lightweight hard copy of data and didn’t want to send boxes.   $9.99 

Link to overview map of the PCT with bus and Train stations marked 

Halfmile’s townguide —cleaner than this one but not as detailed.

Here is my gear list

If you are new to long distance hiking, the best book on hiking the PCT is still Ray Jardine’s “Pacific Crest Trail Hiker’s Handbook: Innovative Techniques and Trail Tested Instruction for the Long Distance Hiker   Out of print but used copies are still to be had.

Getting to Campo( start of the trail): From the San Diego airport, take the #992 bus to America Plaza/ Santa Fe depot, downtown. Bus #992 pickups from both terminals and runs every 10 minutes, during the week. Pay 1.10 exact change.

At the America Plaza, buy a ticket to El Cajon transit center– 2.50– you can pay with visa. Take the Trolley-Orange line going to El Cajon Transit Center. The trolley leaves every 15 minutes.  50 minutes.

At the El Cajon Transit Center, take the Southeast Rural Bus #894 to Campo. (I believe #888 will work too)  You want to be dropped off at Hwy 94 & Forest Gate Rd in Campo, by Trading Post Market—there is more than one Campo stop so make sure you get off at the right one.   There is no weekend service. Leaves El Cajon transfer station, on weekdays, at 8:30am, 11:45, 3:00pm, 5:45pm and gets to Campo at 10:17am, 1:32pm, 4:54, and 7:33pm. Cost 10.00.

It is recommended but not required that you make reservation for the bus ride from El Cajon Transit Center to Campo, Bus #894. To make your reservations call 1-800-858-0291     The Metropolitan Transit system recommends making them at least a day in advance.   I’ve ridden the bus 5 times now to Campo and it’s never been full.  Also the bus drivers always say that no one told them about the reservation but if they do get the reservation they are supposed to wait 10 minutes more if you don’t show up.     The bus’s links are to the current schedules.  For more information go to http://www.sdcommute.com/ Or call 1-800-266-6883 There is a trip planner that will help you figure out how to get to Campo from wherever you land in San Diego. http://www.sdmts.com /Tripplanner.asp 

If arriving via Amtrak, American Plaza is across the street from the train station…but if say you are coming form Portland, the train arrives at 1 am and the depot is closed so you have to roam the streets till 5 am when the trolley starts running. I heard that they don’t bother people sleeping on the sidewalk. I slept on the sidewalk in front of the trolley station and was not bothered. There were several other homeless people there.  A hiker told me he was allowed to sleep inside the closed terminal.

This place is close to American Plaza/train station where you will take the trolley to El Cajon transfer station and was open at 1 am.  I’ve never stay here–someone wrote that it was dirty and unsafe…..and the yelp reviews aren’t promising.
500 West Hotel and hostel
500 West Broadway 866-500-7533
San Diego, CA 92101
rates from $49.00 /night
Approximately 0.1 Miles from Amtrak San Diego

Many people recommend staying at the ITH Adventure Hostel. 1658 Front St  In downtown San Diego.  619) 228-9234

I like taking the afternoon bus.  I start hiking in the cool afternoon, camp a few hours later, get up early and hike into Lake Morena before it gets too hot.   If it’s hot out I spend the day in the shade at Lake Morena and continue on when it gets cool.

There are also trail angels who will give you a ride:   You can contact all the San Diego Trail Angels http://sandiegopct.com/ via this email (Scout and Frodo): sandiegopct@gmail.com 

 Mulestomper & Skypilot aka Carl & Ellen Umland –  I want you to let people know that my wife and I also host hikers and store their vehicles on my property here in San Diego suburbia. We’ve been doing it since 2004 and work with Scout & Frodo making REI runs and to the trailhead.sandiegopct@gmail.com

Ride from the airport: contact Barney and Sandy Mann. Their email is bmann1 at san.rr.com. If they can’t pick you up, they can put you in contact with other San Diego Trail Angels. -PCT-L

 Bob Riess hosts hikers and gives them rides to the trailhead in San Diego robert.riess at cox.net    2017- I will pick up hikers at the airport, train station or bus terminal, house them for as long as they need, make runs to REI, post office and grocery stores, and get them out to the trailhead for a start at first light.   I am not a permit enforcer, and I will never ask to see your hiking and campfire permits

A note about resupply:    I have hiked the trail 5+ times and resupplied at least 3 times from every town on the trail.  If you can be flexible; it can certainly be done.  I look at it like foraging—-in a building filled with calories.  Most stores have stuff like cheese, crackers, nuts, peanuts, jerky, chips, cookies, peanut butter, tortillas, meat, bars, candy, fruit if you’re lucky, tuna, etc.   I’ve always come away with a good healthy resupply but you have to look for it and keep an open mind– sometimes it’s not obvious.

Places that will send you food along the trail:   I’ve never tried these but I might give them a try next time I’m on the trail.

Sonora Pass Resupply,  you can order trail food from them and they will ship it  free for orders of  50 dollars or more.   They also have gear and other trail needs.   They also do direct resupply to Sonora Pass. Will ship to post offices and business.

http://www.zerodayresupply.com/tour  I like that they have a calorie and weight counter for your purchases.   Will ship to post offices and business.


Jet.com is a new Amazon-like company but they don’t make you buy food in bulk.    Orders ship free over 35.00.   Ships UPS or Fedex

Amazon Prime Pantry has grocery sized items, instead of the bulk packages they usually sell, that they will ship to you for 5.99 flat rate for up to 45lb in one box.  I don’t think they will send to Post Offices.

Walmart.com free two day shipping on orders over 35.00  Individual food items for sale.   Ships Fedex and UPS

When a PO is listed the address is:   Your Name, C/0 General Delivery,  City, State, the zip code listed.  “Please hold for PCT hiker” 

It’s a good idea to put an Estimated Date of Arrival on your box (ETA), write your name in big letters on the side of your box, and have some unique easy way to identify it in the large pile of boxes (for instance, “it has a sticker with a purple cow on it” or “red duct tape”, or something)

If you are mailing a fuel canister, you will have to ship ground and  write on the box  “ORMD: Consumer Commodity, Ground Transport Only”    Here is a  PCT Fuel Town List 2016 I found on the Facebook group “PCT Class of 2016

A note about trail angels: Most trail angels expect you to leave money when you accept anything from them, (ride, food, package holding, a piece of ground to sleep on, and even just some shade and water.)  They are only free if you don’t pay.  It’s unclear how much money they want and what you get for your money, but several have gotten on the Internet and complained when hikers haven’t left them 20.00 dollars a night per person.  When hiking on a lean budget, I avoid trail angels to save money.   This is a site which has some trail angels listed http://trailangellist.org/pacific-crest-trail/   

When to start:  For a northbound hike, Jardine recommends starting May 1st through May 15th and plan on reaching Canada before Oct. 1.   For Southbound hikers, Ray Jardine recommends starting June 15th and plan on getting to the Mexican border by the end of October.

The desert isn’t always hot.  My coldest days on the PCT have been in the desert in late May.   When it’s hot, though, here is my strategy that gets me through the desert with a light pack and happy feet.

Campo- Hwy 94 & Forest Gate Rd. –The Trading Post Market.  Fuel canisters for sale at the store .  This is where the bus drops you off.  There is a store and a Post office91906.  If you need water, get it from the spigot behind the museum or up the road at the Juvenile Ranch- faucet behind sign.   The monument( beginning of the trail) is up the road 1.4 miles.   I heard they allow camping behind the museum.

20.6- Lake Morena campground …there is campground with bathrooms and showers.  5 dollars to spend the night.  Update: showers now cost .50 cents for 4 minutes.  Down the road a bit is a small store with deli: Oakshore malt shop with ATM and WI-FI.     .. Open at 7am- 9pm except on Sunday when it closes at 8pm.   I’ve resupplied out of the store 3 times.. Amazing breakfast burritos.

Hey PCT hikers Oak Shores Malt shop is looking forward to seeing you this year we wanted to give you guys some info if anyone need to ship stuff home or get stuff sent here your more then welcome to just message or call us also we do have transportation if anyone needs a ride message us and we will give you the number .last thing we are trying to stalk up on stuff for you guys what kind of stuff would you like us to carry an suggestions would be helpful .

41.6-Mt Laguna .4 mile south of trail

PO–91948 (619) 473-8341 M-F 12-4 Sat 9-11

Mt. Laguna lodge and General Store is in the same building as the post office. UPS address: 10678 Sunrise Highway, Mt Laguna, CA 91948(619) 473-8533 Will hold packages for 5 dollars:

USPS Address:
(Hiker Name)
c/o Laguna Mountain Lodge
PO Box 146
Mount Laguna, CA 91948 – The PCTA has their address listed as : PCT Hiker_______, C’O Mount Laguna Lodge, Mount Laguna, Ca 91948
open seven days a week 9-5. I stayed at the lodge once; very basic room–very basic price. The price goes way up on weekends–like 89 dollars and people feel ripped off at that price.    I resupplied at the store last 3 times through. They had fuel canisters for sale last time I went through Map

Pine House Cafe & Tavern is a new restaurant on Mount Laguna.  May open weekdays during the peak of the PCT season.  Located on Sunrise Hwy, just North of the Burnt Rancheria Campground entrance. Pine House phone: 619-473-8857  Thursday 5 p.m. –  8 p.m. Friday Noon – 8 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Sunday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. EXTRA HOURS: Starting March 28 through May 15, we will be open at least 9am to 3pm Monday – Wednesday PLUS all of our regular hours Thur-Sun.

There is a outfitter on Mt. Laguna: Laguna Mountain Sport and Supply, about 150 yards south of the Mt. Laguna store/lodge on Sunrise Highway.  10545 Sunrise Hwy Mount Laguna, California 91948  Phone: 619.473.0450  Looks like they have some nice gear and will help  you lighten your pack.  I heard the outfitter closed.

77. (Scissors Crossing) Julian, Ca 13 mile hitch, PO(92036 760-765-2336 M-F 9-4 S 10-12, Groceries, Lodging, drug store, restaurants, library, possible bus service to the bigger town of Ramona. I often skip Julian.  Map  There used to be a bus running from Scissors Crossing to Julian but not sure if it’s still going. General store is closed.  Lithium AA batteries for sale at one of the small grocery stores  behind the counter. Wi-Fi at the first little coffee house on the left and at the library. Link to bus system

“Tiny house just outside town center. It’s listed as Tiny House in Julian on Airbnb but it can also be reserved through Chris at 760-703-1563”

FB: The Julian Lodge  (800) 542-1420 is SUPER hiker friendly with discounts AND I heard her say something about them doing loads of hiker laundry.

FB: Buffalo Bill’s (restaurant) is just up a little hill, has delicious food with a hiker discount (10%), a hiker box, and are generally very excited about hikers.

From Facebook: Wynola Flats to PCT Class of 2015  Our produce stand is 2 miles outside of Julian. It isn’t the easiest for hikers to get to. If you are in need of any specific items, we have very good 2nd hand hiking shoes, jackets, water bottles, etc. We make our own gluten free granola, trail mix, and have very fresh nuts, dried fruits, and some special chocolates too! We also carry PB protein powder, protein bars, and of course fresh fruit & veggies. Feel free to ask around town for help getting to us, or give me a call 760-765-2979 if you need supplies. We are open Friday – Monday, I will work hard to make arrangements if you have specific needs.

FB: Alright, hiker trash…trail angel Carmen here…one of your 1st stops into your long journey. I am in Julian. Carmen’s Place. Your 1st beer is on me. Bring your dirty clothes…the washing machine & dryer are yours to use free of charge. Spit bath in the washroom on the weekdays when it’s mostly quiet. 10% off your bill. Mostly just stop by so I can love on you and hug you and be the mama hen that I am. Call if you get in a bind. This is my personal cell. I never answer. Leave a message. 760.484.3078. Or call the restaurant direct and ask for me. 760.765.4600. Love you all, my spirited friends!!! Good luck to all of you on your journeys.

Heard you get free pie at Mom’s Pie house with a thru-hiker permit.

Julian Mountain Spa has special one hour PCT hiker massage $75.00  —special attention to shoulders and feet.  (760) 896-4049

 Wright Trammel Transportation. It is an on call point-to-point transport service.  Ferrying hikers, on call, from Scissors Crossing, Mount Laguna and Warner Springs trail heads to and from Julian for rest, renewal and replenishment. The fare between the town and any of these trail-head destinations is $42 for 1 to 3 passengers, or $50 above that for a group of up to 8. So there is a savings if hikers strategize to pool resources and coordinate to ride together. We will also transport hikers to other points in California should anyone need quick access or exit from any location where the trail meets the highway–such as the San Diego airport or train station. Rides can be booked from our main office by calling 760-789-7252. My direct cell # is (760) 518-3162    shuttlesandiego@gmail.com

There are also some RV parks in the other direction. Map

Stagecoach Trails RV Park and resort, 3-4 miles S of Scissors Crossing has laundry, showers, camping—$8 includes shower,  camp store with deli and ice cream, WiFi, pool, air conditioned cabins for rent   Phone: 760-765-2197 Have never stayed here.  There is a 5 dollar day fee for PCT hikers wanting to wait out the heat in their pool.(come between 9-5 unless staying.) I heard the store is closed on Mondays.  I heard they don’t sell beer.

100-Chery Owens – We hosted about twenty hikers our first year as trail angels.  Mounain Valley Retreat is (1.7 miles east) of the 100 MM on S2 at Barrel Springs.  Go to our website www.mountainvalleyretreat.us And: Click on Guest Reviews in the Main Menu WE loved the hikers as much as they loved us and hope to provide services for many more in 2015!  

I’ve never stopped here but they may offer package holding, teepee rental, showers, yoga, massage, rides from the trail, and meals for sale.  760-782-9907  http://mountainvalleyretreat.weebly.com/store/c3/PCT_Packages.html

Mountain Valley Retreat
35690 Montezuma Valley Road
Ranchita, CA 92066 

109.6- Warner Springs  PO–92086 (760) 782-3166 The Warner Springs Post Office is open M-F 8-4 & Sa 8-1:30 bit off trail 1.2 miles but there is a short cut  into town south of here (possibly signed) and  you can walk down the road and pickup the PCT on down the trail a bit. Looks like Warner Springs may be opening up again with lodging, restaurant, and a store.    Call to see what services might be offered T: (760) 782-4200  It looks like the restaurant at the golf course is open.

The fire house is right off the trail and they offered me water there. There was also a trash can on the trail there.

There will be a temporary store– close to trail   https://sites.google.com/site/wscrcenter2/pacific-crest-trail/resupply-store open by the fire house.  2016- The “Store” will be open daily starting(April 1, 2017 thru May 31, 2017)from 8:00 AM to 4:00 pm.. Due to unforeseen issues with the county we will not be able to offer laundry or shower services. We will have a full stocked re-supply store and pre-packaged food available.  They took visa in 2014.   Heard they may have the grill going as well this year.  Warner Springs Community Resource Center 760-782-0670 for more info.   Camping, wifi, phone charging.

 151.3 Paradise Valley Cafe is one mile W of the PCT on Hwy 74   The PVC will accept packages mailed by hikers to:

Paradise Valley Cafe
61721 State Highway 74
Mountain Center, CA 92561     Hours: Wed-Mon (8am-8pm) Closed All Day Tue. (May be open on Tues. during hiking season) If you are arriving on a Tuesday, when they are closed, you can call them and ask that they hide your box outside. They may close for two weeks during December. The telephone number is 951-659-FOOD (3663).
There is a water faucet in front for hikers to use when the cafe is closed. It is next to the porch, near the entrance to the cafe.

I know of hikers, who didn’t think they would make the restaurant before it closed, who called them and bought food with their Visa card over the phone and asked that the food be left out for them. It was the old owners but worth a try if you are a similar situation.

You can hitch in on Palms to Pine Hwy to Idyllwild or wait for 178.6 to go in. There is a big water carry and lots of uphill so I would recommend going to Idyllwild at 178.6 or better yet send a box to Paradise Cafe and one to the trail angels near Cabazon and skip Idyllwild altogether (in a year where the trail isn’t closed)

Mountain Fire Detour – PCTA- Traveling northbound on the PCT, take the Cedar Springs Trail (TR. 4E17) downhill to the trailhead. Walk Morris Ranch Road to Highway 74. Walk north along  the Highway 74 corridor, past Hurkey Creek Campground. Turn right on May Valley Road. Take that road (technically, Road 5S05) and turn left on 5S21 to stay on May Valley Road. Turn right onto the South Ridge Trail. Take the South Ridge Trail (TR. 3E08) uphill, past the South Ridge Trailhead and rejoin the PCT near Tahquitz Peak.

Halfmile- detour map

My way Mountain Fire detour: In 2014 I road walked from Paradise Valley Cafe to Idyllwild and then took the Deer Springs trail back up to the PCT to get around the closure.  There is a store and campground about 10 miles into the 20 mile road walk around the fire closure.    It was easy enough and I don’t like leaving gaps in my hikes.

The fire was out 4 years ago, so, why is the trail closed?

178.6 Idyllwild 2.5 mile hike down Devils Slide Trail +2.6 mile hitch or walk. There is a trail that you can take into town if you don’t like hitching. If you don’t want to back track you can walk all the way to town, and then take the Deer Springs trail back up to the PCT…It’s a little longer but you don’t have to hitch or backtrack.

Idyllwild has stores, motels, restaurants, grocery, outfitter, library–with updated water reports, health food store, campground with showers (3.00) and PO– 92549 951-659-1969 M-F 9-5.

If you want a room, I recommend the Idyllwild Inn (888) 659-2552 –very good value–the theme rooms have fireplace, microwave, refrigerator, coffee pot, bathtub, phone, cable, wifi, DVD player, and they do your laundry, there is also a hiker box there. Morning rides back to the trailhead. It’s close to the PO and everything else. They also accept packages for their guest.

USPS: Idyllwild Inn
Attn: Your Name Here
PO Box 515
Idyllwild, CA 92549  “Please hold for PCT hiker”

FEDEX, UPS, or DHL: Idyllwild Inn
Attn: Your Name Here
54300 Village Center DR
Idyllwild, CA 92549  “Please hold for PCT hiker”

It cost somewhere around 60 dollars a night in 2008 for one person.

SilverPines Lodge is offering dorm beds for 25.00 a night.  951-659-4335 800-409-2127  25955 Cedar St.  If you miss out on the dorm, the PCT private room rates range from $65 – $130 for a large unit with kitchen, living room that will sleep 5. But those PCT rates are only good mid-week (Sunday-Thursday).

The Tahquitz Inn is no more; it reopened as the Apple Blossom Inn. It’s now called the Pine Wood Resort  still as funky as ever but cost a lot more now.   On memorial day weekend I rented a two bedroom suite with kitchen and living room for 185.00 for two nights/ two people —tax included.   Wi-Fi didn’t work in room.  Not sure if they accept hikers packages anymore. (951) 659-1910
Telephone:+1 310-283-2460 reservations@pinewoodsresort.ca

Pine Woods Resort
25840 Highway 243
Idyllwild, CA 92549

  209.6 Cabazon 4.5 mile hitch. Never been here. Heard there is a small store and a PO(92230 951-849-6233 M-F 8:30-4) I heard there is an outlet mall and a casino near by. I’ve talked to people who went there and they all said it was a hard hitch.

Lake fire closure is now open.

210.8 Ziggy and the Bear are trail angels who live 2/10 mile SE of PCT mile 210.8.   Closed. Ziggy and The Bear have moved away their place has been sold.

213.4 Mesa Wind farm. I heard that you can buy bottled water, microwave burritos, and ice cream from them. I have never stopped there. M-F 6am-2pm  I also heard maybe they don’t do that anymore.   I guess it will be a surprise.

265.3 Big Bear City 5 mile hitch hwy 18. PO-92314 M-F 9-4:30 Sat pickup only 1-2pm, grocery stores, motels, restaurants, etc. There is a hourly bus that runs the 3 miles between Big Bear City and Big Bear Lake cost 1 dollar.    Sometimes I skip Big Bear.

The Motel 6  Website in Big Bear City doesn’t have bathtubs but they had a flyer at the trailhead saying they offered hiker rates–so probably a good value.   Located about one mile west of the Big Bear City post office on Big Bear Blvd. PCT hikers get a 10% discount. Accepts resupply boxes for their guests at no charge.  Has a hiker register, hiker box, and laundry.
If you’re sending by UPS or FEDEX, send it to: Motel 6, 42899 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear City, CA 92315
USPS address: Motel 6
Motel 6, box 132806
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

909-866-8900 Big Bear Hostel will shuttle hikers to/from trail heads if called, accepts hiker packages for their guests.

We offer discounted PCT Rates in April and May!
Dorm beds are $20 first night, $15 extra nights. (plus 10.5% tax)
Private rooms for 2-8 people vary in price…  ~ $25/hiker/night.  (plus 10.5% tax)

Packages sent via US MAIL must go to our PO BOX:

Your Name
C/O Big Bear Hostel
PO BOX 1951
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315-1951

Packages sent via UPS or common carrier go to our physical address:

Your Name
C/O Big Bear Hostel
541 Knickerbocker Road (office)
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

877-585-2226 Natures Inn Hiker friendly motel; www.naturesinnatbigbearlake.com

909-878-5200 MARTA – Big Bear Bus

#909-528-7858 Kimberly has a sewing repair biz in Big Bear. She is available for hiker repairs. --PCT-L

From Facebook: If anyone is looking for lodging in Big Bear Lake, the Vintage Lakeside Inn 909-866-4978 has great rates and they’re SUPER hiker friendly. The staff are sweet as can be and love chatting with hiker-folk. They even drove us around for some quick errands AND drove us back to trail when we were ready to leave. Great rooms and great people!

From Facebook: PCT Hikers get 15% off a cottage at Sleepy Forest Cottages or Cathy’s Cottages 909.866.7444- plus Free Laundry! We are right down the street – stop in for a hot shower or Jacuzzi bath, a load of laundry on us, some hot coffee and some good cheap meal recommendations! Or just come by to get some free soap and shampoo… http://www.sleepyforest.com/  

Big Bear City Post Office 909‐585‐7132 Open M-F 9:00-4:30 They used to be open for package pickup for one hour on Sat. Call to verify.
(Hiker Name)
c/o General Delivery
Big Bear City, CA 92314

909-866-1035Big Bear Lake Post Office ( Lake, not City)Open M-F 8:30-5:00 & Sat 10:00-12:00
(Hiker Name)
c/o General Delivery
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

Big Bear trail angel- Papa Smurf –Steve and Sandy Teutschman started angeling in 2012. They are available from April 1 until mid-November to pick up hikers, bring them to their home or into town.  They accept packages.  They provide camping and 3 bunks inside, plus space as needed inside when the weather is bad. Laundry, showers, food. Contact: Papa Smurf 909-800-7028 or Mtn Mama 909-800-7029

Hiker Name)
c/o Papa Smurf and Mountain Mama
840 E. Angeles Blvd
Big Bear City, California 92314
Sky Ranch offers two rental cabins in Big Bear City, 2 miles west of the PCT at Erwin Lake.  The end of the MARTA bus line, which provides easy access to post offices as well as shopping, is two blocks away.
One cabin (built in 1870) sleeps two, one (hand-built by cabinetmakers) sleeps up to eight.  Both have bathtubs — and better yet, we have a hot tub which sits at the edge of the National Forest.
Rates vary by day and season, but PCT hikers get 20% off.  The cabins can be seen at www.airbnb.ca/rooms/817178 and www.airbnb.ca/rooms/403484 — but to book, contact Mike directly at SkyRanchX1@gmail.com.
274 Big Bear City  you can also get there from mile 274.  Four mile walk or hitch down the dirt road Van Dusen Canyon Rd. I went in this way once and did catch a ride–actually quicker than on the highway but could be tough.

FB: For all the pizza lovers out there, Knockout Pizza (760) 244-3199 in Hesperia delivers close to the Mojave / deep Creek dam. Ask for Ethan, he’ll get you taken care of!  They also said there is a trash bin 1/2 mile away.

328.7 FB: Roadhouse Pizza in Crestline delivers to the picnic area at Silverwood Lake (909) 338-5040  Cleghorn Picnic Area at mile 328.7

342 Cajon Pass .4 mile off trail. Best Western motel–760‐249‐6777, McDonald’s, Subway, Taco Del Mar, 3 convenience stores. The motel is a very good value, has laundry, a pool, breakfast bar, and accepts packages for its guest- $59 Friendly.  There is plenty of food to resupply with in the little stores: cheese, bars, fruit, chips, nuts, jerky, etc.  Sometimes there is a guy selling fresh cut fruit out of a cart.

(Hiker Name)
c/o Best Western Cajon Pass
8317 US Highway 138
Phelan, CA 92371

369.4 Wrightwood 5 mile hitch. Has restaurants, motels, grocery store, a hardware store that excepts packages, a PO 92397 (760-249-8882 M-F 8:45-5), and trail angels that let you stay with them. To find the trail angels ask at the hardware store. Mountain Hardware–760-249-3653 8:30-5:30 every day USPS address: C/O Mountain Hardware, PO Box 398, Wrightwood, CA 92397 UPS: C/O Mountain Hardware, 1390 Highway 2, Wrightwood, CA 92397      Sometimes I  skip Wrightwood.   There are fuel canisters, good socks, and other trail needs for sale at the hardware store—also a hiker box.

Bus service: http://vvta.org/bus/route-20/  and http://vvta.org/bus/route-21/  PHONE: (760) 948-3030    (760) 244-4000 ADA Direct Access

Folks on Facebook are recommending Bear With Us Lodging  25.00 a person. laundry and rides back to the trail.  For more information and Reservations, call  Janet Prince mobile (909)965-7483

Found on the internet–I’ve never stayed here: Camp Wrightwood is a donations-requested bare-bones church hostel (think The Place in Damascus) in Wrightwood that’s not advertised anywhere, although you may have heard of it through the grapevine by now. End of Elm Street in Wrightwood, about a 10-15-minute walk from the town attractions.

FB: Pacific Crest Lodging–760-524-3623

According to Facebook, Holistic day spa is offering $10/night lodging.  760-249-6600  and will pick you up in town. 

Last time through I stayed at the elderly but hiker friendly Pines Motel 6045 Pine St Wrightwood, CA 92397(760) 249-9974   No air conditioning, my room had a bathtub but some didn’t.   They had a hiker box, laundry service– 5.00, rides back to the trail– 10.00 for up to 6 hikers.

Posted on Facebook:  Dave Carter‎ Hello my friends. Dave here from Bud Pharm. we operate a fantastic place to stop and have a zero day or two here in Wrightwood ca, shady camp area with fire pit, bar B Qs and firewood, wet bar with a T.V, wifi, Phone, coin op laundry, shower and a pool for hot days. rides to a major market (Stater Bros, Rite Aid ect) our web page is stale but will be updated in a few days with a page for PCT hikers with contact info. 

From the PCT-L: Hey folks,

The Cedar Lodge in Wrightwood is a new motel, 1 week old, a block down from Mile High Pizza. The owners, Terrie and Mike, were super hiker friendly. They happily let a few hikers pile into a room and offered pleasant conversations about our hike.

If you decide to not use an angel in Wrightwood, Cedar Lodge is a great option. Please call 760 249 5062 for more information.

~ Jeff Grabs

Poodle-Dog Bush is found frequently in the Station Fire burn area and other burn areas of southern California. This year hikers are reporting bad Poodle-Dog Bush on the PCT starting around either mile 419 or 421 or 425 and extending through Messenger Flat at mile 430.6. To avoid Poodle-Dog Bush, some hikers are detouring off the PCT either at Mount Gleason Rd [mile 421.4] or the dirt road at mile 425.1 [follow the dirt road 4/10 mile S to Mount Gleason Rd] and then following Mount Gleason Rd to Messenger Flat. The Mount Gleason Rd to Messenger Flat alternate is 7.6 miles.

I hiked through lots of poodle dog bush and got no reaction to it… neither did any hiker I met…

Mile 418 Mill Creek Ranger Station to 476 Green Valley, I give FREE rides to E.R., Urgent Care ( and I drive/stay with you thru whole process of ER to pharmacy to motel or wherever, and pick you up when better and drop back on trail), Pharmacy, Sport Chalet or REI, train, and other important places like Sierra Transit Authority/Kern bus stop, and sometimes fun places. I live in Acton, available 24/7, call or text Mary @ 661.713.5204 

A portion of the PCT is closed on Angeles National Forest land starting at Angeles Forest Highway near Mt. Gleason/Messenger Flats (~mile 429.5) to Soledad Canyon Road (~mile 444) We’re working on identifying a walking alternate. Aliso Canyon Road to Mill Creek Summit is one possibility.—PCTA   Donna Saufley posted these walk around instructions.  Now Open

444.   KOA. There is a reduced rate for hikers, plus laundry and showers at the KOA sadiq@gpmusa.net

The Acton KOA 661-268-1214
 is a hiker-friendly campground 2/10 mile E of the PCT. The KOA has hiker camping [$15 per person, includes hot showers], shade trees, swimming pool, coin laundry [$2.50 per load], Wi-Fi, holds packages, and a small store. Store hours: 9- 6/ open to 9pm “when things pick up” seven days a week.  The place that delivers pizza and salads is Acton Pizza Place (661) 269-0096 Delivers till 9pm.   The Chinese place will deliver till 10pm.  (661) 269-1888.    Both have their numbers and menus posted at the store.    The store doesn’t sell beer but the pizza place will deliver it for 3.75 a bottle.   There is also a small store a few miles away.   The pizza guy knows the campground well so you can have him deliver to you where ever you are hanging out in the campground.   Last time through I slept in the large covered pavilion with several other hikers.   Behind the pavilion is a flagged short cut back to the trail.   I heard there may be an Uber driver working the front desk doing rides to town.

The KOA accepts packages  UPS or Fedex : (Hiker’s name) c/o KOA Acton, 7601 Soledad Canyon Road, Acton, CA 93510  “Please hold for PCT Hiker” I heard they may be charging for package holding this year.

To get to the KOA, I  walked down Soledad Canyon Rd( turn right if northbound) to hit the entrance of the campground by the store.   To leave I took the flagged trail behind the pavilion back to the trail.

to  PCT Class of 2016 Hello to all, I’m Mike (no nickname has stuck yet). I give rides from Acton KOA to Acton, and other areas if needed. Since i work full time I’m primarily available after 5PM and on weekends. PLEASE PM ME FOR MY CONTACT INFO OR WITH ANY QUESTIONS.

The Acton Metrolink Station [commuter train service to Los Angeles and Lancaster] is 9.7 miles 444.2 D11 NE on Soledad Canyon Rd, then 1.3 miles NE on Sierra Hwy. [www.metrolinktrains.com, 800-
Midvalley Yellow Cab in Palmdale serves the Acton area. 661-225-9797

454.4 Aqua Dulce—Mid-sized store, restaurants, hardware store, Pizza Parlor. 2012 grocery hours 7am-9pm 7 days a week.

Reopening April 2016  454.4 Hiker Heaven –Trail angel offers: package holding, package mailing, showers, laundry, coordinates rides to REI, Internet, fuel canisters for sale, WiFi, overnight stays, updated water reports. It’s a mile off trail. She’s really great but it can be an overwhelming hiker scene if you are northbound. I’ve been there five times, by-passed it once.

Hiker Heaven:  We will be screening for permits on the following dates and only hikers holding a permit will be welcome to stay on these dates:  Saturday May 20, Sunday May 21, Saturday May 27, Sunday May 28, and Monday May 29, Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4. Those without permits may pick up packages and mail at Hiker Heaven, but other services will not be offered.  Please arrive before 9:00 p.m., or after 7:00 a.m.

PCT Hiker (your name), c/o The Saufley’s, 11861 Darling Road. Agua Dulce, CA 91390 phone:661.268.1235
Looks like there may be a bus running in Agua Dulce now

478.6 Casa De Luna–trail angels A few miles off trail. Good hugs and taco salad.   Easy to get a hitch to their house as they are well know for hosting hikers or just wait at the covered picnic area for her to come by and pick you up. Gives rides back to the trail.    Some hikers have a problem leaving this place—vortex.  Small store and restaurant nearby.  They have stopped accepting packages.

According to Terry Anderson the Powerhouse Fire closure is now open.    Powerhouse fire detour:  Easy road walk with a restaurant, bar, store, PO, and  small motel in the middle of it.

Powerhouse fire detour

485.7 Lake Hughes a small community 2.1 miles N of the PCT with a post office–93532 M-F 8-5 661-724-9281, pay phone, small store and the Historic Rock Inn [www.historicrockinn.com; 661-724-1855] a restaurant and bar popular with motorcycle riders that has 3 small motel rooms.
  Lake Hughes Post Office   661-724-9281]    It’s on the road walk around the 2014 fire closure.

Posted on Facebook: Lake Hughes Cabin has a cozy bedroom, separate bathroom with a shower and washer/dryer, no internet. Ten dollar discount to hikers. Daniel Dan D

518.5 Hiker Town
On trail hiker hostel.  Confirmed– will be open 2017 Accepts packages.  Highway138@gmail.com They are asking for a donation for holding your box this year. Wi-fi.  private rooms for rent.  I’ve always enjoyed my stay here but some women have reported not feeling safe.   highway138@gmail.com    310-817-1595

26803 W. Ave. C-15
Lancaster, Ca.93536

Four miles to the East of HikerTown is a small establishment named Neenach Cafe & Market.  Owned by Jan Hellsund and managed by Eddy Martinez, our market is a decent replenishing stop, but our cafe is outstanding.  We serve the healthiest and most delicious home-made Mexican food in the entire Antelope Valley and we also have a wide selection of excellent burgers, finger foods, etc.  Clean bathrooms, an inviting dining room, WiFi, and hourly shuttles from HikerTown from 11AM till we close at 8PM.  If you need a yummy breakfast before that please call us at 661-724-1100 and we’ll pick you up.

According to FB there is another store in the area that will give you a ride to it:  WEE VILL MARKET off 138, about 10 minutes drive east down the road. Camping in the back on soft green grass, huge shaded porch with tables, big menu of hot food inside, air conditioned seating inside, and best resupply option until Tehachapi. Call 661-724-2200 between 5am and 8pm and someone can pick you up from the trailhead and bring you. Ask for Maria or Terrie. No required donation, just good manners and cleanliness.  18348 W Avenue, Lancaster, CA

It’s 17 miles to the next shade and water from here–I recommend leaving in the cool of the evening and getting some of those miles hiked at night, sleep on the aqua duct, and then get up early to make shade and water before it gets too hot.

536.98 FaceBook : Dave Schwind I manage the windfarm at mile 536 (and subsequent four miles!) Our office building is approximately 1 mile off the trail (visible from the trail – there’s not much else out here, other than wind turbines!) and hikers are always welcome here to get water, coffee, and so on (so long as we’re open; water is available 24/7 though). Keep in mind we have water, gatorade, and ice (oh, and air conditioning!) here at my office a mile east of the trail at mile 536.98! We helped out with several heat stress cases last year, so if you need a spot to cool down or just escape the hottest part of the day, you’re welcome here!  We are open M-F, 6AM to 5:30PM. The address is 17890 Champagne Ave, Rosamond, CA 93560 Accepts packages.

558.3 Mojave12 miles right/Tehachapi9.4 left (Tehachapi-willow Springs road) you can go in here or at Hwy 58.  If hiking north, I’d recommend going in on Hwy 58 as there is a long water-less stretch past here.  Also there is a bus at Hwy 58.   If you do go out at Techachapi-willow springs, road you may be able to use dial a ride to get brought back.  Reservations required at least one day in advance to guarantee a ride.

There is a list of PCT Angels List 2017 who may give you a ride into Tehachapi and bus and town info in the cooler by Tehachapi-Willow spring road.   Be prepared to give gas donations.   There was a Mojave contact as well listed in 2014.

Both are spread out towns… Tehachapi has more stuff but the motels cost more.

I hear that the Motel 6 in Mojave is a very good value($44.00), has a pool, hiker box, and might hold packages but doesn’t have bath tubs.   I also hear that it’s across the street from the grocery store.   Phone: (661) 219-0784  —16958 State Hwy. 58, Mojave, CA 93501 FB: Just make sure you go to the RIGHT Motel 6. You want the corporate one on the north end of town, across from Statler Bros. Do NOT confuse it with the franchisee down the road (the old Days Inn). The franchisee is more expensive and NOT hiker friendly.

There are other motels in Mojave that seem a very good value as well.  I hear there is a Best Western in Mojave with pool and hot tub, $58.00, and they will hold packages. 16200 Sierra Hwy, Mojave, CA 93501   Phone:(661) 824-3601

From Facebook: Fuel canisters in stock now in Mojave at Karl’s Hardware. Karl’s Hardware is located in the same Shopping Center as Jack In The Box and across the street from McDonald’s

566.6 Mojave 11 to the right/Tehachapi 9 miles to left Hwy.58

There is a bus now that runs between Tehachapi and Mojave 7 times a day, 7 days a week.  It will pick you up and drop you off  where the trail crosses Hwy. 58–Cameron rd. exit.  Call Kern Regional Transit  800-560-1733 at least an hour in advance. 1.00.  Starts quite early in the morning in Tehachapi, so you can get a jump on the heat.  There are signs with a phone number to call posted at the exit on the PCT.   1-800-323-2396

  list of trail angels

There is a PO 93561 in Tehachapi but it’s way out of town so you’ll want to use Dial a ride–1-800-323-2396 I think it cost a dollar. You may also be able to use dial a ride to get brought back to Willows Spring Road.

Link to Mojave PO 93501

I have gone to Tehachapi five times and Mojave once.  Both towns have Dial-a-ride service. You call and schedule a pickup from your motel to the grocery store or wherever you went to go. It cost a dollar.    Mojave dial a ride: 1-800-881-5787   Tehachapi dial a ride: 1-800-323-2396

$5 PP/day with limited use of Terminal shower. (Pilot Lounge is for Pilots and crews only.) Three-day max stay at Aviator Park: grass, trees, bbq grills, fire circle, portable toilet. Go north on Green from Tehachapi Blvd, go east on J Street to the end, walk left to parking area just to left of main auto gate, and enter the unlocked gate near the Pilot Lounge/ Terminal Bldg. Call office # on sign for info. Camp east of hangars SE of airport by trees. Avoid runways
Lawn watered MWF 8-10 am. Call Airport at 661-822-2220 for further info.
**Camp Tortoise Closed **
The Shed restaurant 10% off for PCT hikers. closed

I heard on Facebook that there may be free Teepee camping behind Red House BBQ.  426 E Tehachapi Blvd  (661) 822-0772

FB: There is an all you can eat buffet in Tehachapi. The Great Wall (Chinese) which is close to Albertsons. $12.

 Last time through (2014) I stayed at the Best Western Mountain Inn. In Tehachapi. —661-822-5591   PCT Hiker rate = 90+tax for up to 4 hikers in a nice big room with 2 big beds.  Coffee Pot, Microwave, refrigerator, pool, hot tub, Internet terminal in lobby, wi-fi, bathtubs, coin laundry, good complimentary breakfast.  They will accept packages but they don’t want to hold them for more than a week.   UPS or Fed Ex only as the post office won’t deliver hiker’s packages to the motel.  (Your name) c/o Best Western Mountain Inn, 416 West Tehachapi BLvd, Tehachapi, CA 93561 “Please hold for PCT Hiker”

There are lots of choices for food in Tehachapi.   I ate at Jakes Steak House last time through.  Good prime rib.   Someone on Facebook recommended Petra Mediterranean for good Vegan Friendly food.

The K-mart close to the Best Western in Tehachapi sells food–even fresh food– but the free internet terminals are gone.  There is a Big 5 sport store in Tehachapi (which I hear sells fuel canisters) and an Albertsons but you’ll need to call dial-a-ride or take the bus to get to them.

FaceBook recommendation: Hiker friendly AirBNB listing one bedroom/bath with private entrance.   Solar-heated-indoor swimming pool. $49.00

I heard the Santa Fe Motel($85?) accepts packages. 120 W. Tehachapi Blvd, Tehachapi, Ca 93561  I also read in someone’s journal that they were able to get a shower and laundry at Santa Fe Motel for 13.00

Ranch Motel, Tehachapi 661-822-4283 (I’ve never stayed here) 507 S Curry Street
Tehachapi, CA 93561, Charged $43.00 for two people and then $4.00 per person after that

I’ve heard there is an old PCT route that will take you right into one of the towns… might be worth checking out.

Also you can call a taxi but it’s very expensive. I think I paid 60 dollars with tip for two of us in 2008. Tehachapi Taxi cab- (661) 600-2771, VIP Taxi(661) 972-0960

The Airport Bus of Bakersfield, bus service 5 times a day between Bakersfield and the LAX 558.5 or airport. Bakersfield is 40 miles W of Tehachapi on Hwy 58 or 77 miles W of Walker Pass on Hwy 566.5 178; 661-327-2411; 800-858-5000.

You can take a local bus  or the Amtrak bus to Bakersfield from Tehachapi but if you want to fly out be warned there is no bus service to the Bakersfield airport unless you set up it up 24 hours in advance.  Call  661-869-6363  for reservations at least 24 hours in advance but not more than 14 days in advance.

From Facebook: Marian Harmon  I live near Mojave. If anyone needs a ride anywhere from Acton/Agua Dulce up to KM… or even Cajon Pass and is willing to pay me for the time and gas, I will pick you up, shuttle your gear… shoot, I will bring you a hot meal, too. I have taken hikers from Cajon Pass down to Campo, from Mojave to KM and even Bishop and Mammoth. We even moved a horse trailer a couple of times last year. That was fun! If you can pay it, I will drive it. I have a disabled husband with huge medical bills, so work is always appreciated. As much as I would (and often do) donate it all, its not practical. But, hey… I know the Mojave desert very well. I drive a lot for work and am all over LA and Kern County. I love driving long distances. However, if you need cheaper alternatives for transportation, I can give you all the information you need. I know all of the public transit options, etc. Happy to pass that along. I will be doing a section hike this year, but likely well after the thrus have pass through the area.

608  Attention:  A bunch of folks on Facebook have leveled serious charges against a woman that lives around here.   She goes by the name Stephanie Andersson /Piutemama not to be confused with the trail angels “The Anderson’s” at mile 478.2.
I met her once; she gave me a hug and offered me a ride to town……

609  The trail angel, Carye Campbell, has died.

652 Walker Pass– Onyx, Lake Isabella, Kernville, Inyokem or
Ridgecrest Meadow Mary insists that Inyokem or Ridgecrest is the way to go. She says they are closer and have better and cheaper service, but it looks like going that way is a two road hitch.    I heard if you go to Lake Isabella: Don’t stay at the Kern Motel. Lake Isabella Motel is the recommended place to stay 760-379-2800 There are big grocery stores in Lake Isabella and Ridgecrest.

According to FB: Lake Isabella Moose Lodge will allow camping in dirt/weed parking area in town close to town. Bartender will sign you in you into the lodge. 6732 Lake Isabella Blvd.  (760) 379-2514

There is a bus that you can get to stop on Walker Pass and take you to the Walmart in Ridgecrest.   It also goes to Lake Isabella.    http://kerntransit.org/routes-and-schedules/227-lake-isabella-ridgecrest/   REQ = Request stop only. Must coordinate with agency  800-323-2396 Runs Monday, Wed, and Friday only.   I’ve heard you can just flag the bus downYou may be able to get cell service at the pass but probably not the campground.

Onyx [mile 652] is a very small community 17.7 miles W of the PCT on Hwy 178 with a post 652 F11 office. The Onyx store and gas station have closed. Onyx Post Office Pickup Services Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30am – 1:00pm, 1:45pm – 4:00pm Saturday-Sunday Closed  760-378-2121]
(Hiker Name) c/o General Delivery Onyx, CA 93255

There is a store 'Old Onyx Store' couple of tenths down the highway from the Onyx PO, toward Lake Isabella.  This is not the one that closed recently. Current hours are 1030-5pm seven days but they will be getting longer soon according to Tom at KM.-pct-l

Lake Isabella [mile 652] is a small town 37 miles W of the PCT on Hwy 178 with motels, large grocery, pharmacy, laundry, restaurants, pay phones, ATM and a post office.
Lake Isabella Post Office Pickup Services Hours Monday-Friday 9:00am – 1:30pm, 2:30pm – 4:00pm Saturday 9:00am – 10:00am Sunday Closed  c/o General Delivery Lake Isabella, CA 93240

From Facebook: If your headed up to Walkers pass and are looking for a place to camp in the Kern River Valley, there is Haven Rv Park in Lake Isabella. We have a shaded grass camping area with showers, bbq’s, picnic benches, media room and more.  You can call and organize a pickup from Walkers Pass and we will even drop you back off when you are ready to head back to the trail. (760) 478-4310 A free box is available to other hikers so feel free to contribute.  Its $20 a night for a tent site and $5 per addition guest.   https://www.facebook.com/havenrv   6950 Lake Isabella Blvd.

Kernville is a compact town with a grocery store, laundromat, brew pub, several restaurants, and motels.

There is a bus from Onyx to Lake Isabella costs 2 dollars. When the bus driver dropped me off at the end of the line in a sage brush field she pointed to a park that had water and bathrooms in case I couldn’t get a ride that night. A old man came wandering through the sage brush and told me hikers end up sleeping there all the time because they can’t get a ride. I finally got a ride about 8pm.  Resupplying in Lake Isabella took me all day.  I wouldn’t plan to do it again.

702.2 Kennedy Meadows (Gateway to the Sierras) .07 off trail. Store, meals, showers, washing machine, camping, they will hold your packages and also mail them.  Fuel canisters and bear canisters for sell. Showers 3 dollars, laundry 3 dollars, holds packages for 6 dollars, mails outgoing packages for 5 dollars, grill, free camping. Store hours during hiking season 9-5. Grill hours 11-4. Sometimes dinner is served. Sometimes Tom down the road at his internet cafe serves food. On Saturday evenings I believe there is a neighborhood pot luck that hikers can pay something like 5 dollars to attend.  Excepts packages from any carrier:

Name: Kennedy Meadows General Store
Street: 96740 Beach Meadows Rd
Inyokern, CA  93527
Phone: (559) 850-5647

There is an alternate route that is spelled out in the Wilderness Press guide book  that will take you right pass Grumpy Bear’s restaurant and bar(559) 850-2327 and then on to the Kennedy Meadows store. I think its 3 miles shorter and though it’s all a road walk, there are very few cars and it’s scenic enough.   I heard  Grumpy Bear’s is where they are storing the bear canister’s for the loaner program.  PCT Community Bear Canister Loan Program – 2016

I think Tom’s Internet cafe may be shut down but he may offer disc golf.

I have resupplied out of the store three times. Once I resupplied out of it for the entire 200 mile section to Red’s Meadow. They have fuel canisters and bear canisters for sale.

Grumpy Bear’s restaurant and bar(559) 850-2327
Good food and cold beer we give FREE rides from the store and back. Have the store call us, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Wi-Fi.

If I’m not planning to go to Lone Pine, this is where I send my ice ax and bear canister.  Depending on how early you are going through and the snow pack, you may feel more confident on steep snow in stiff sole shoes or boots or at least some Microspikes to help give you some traction.   I have carried an ice ax every time I’ve gone through the Sierra’s in June and though I’ve never needed to self arrest, I was glad I had it.

June 15th is known as “Ray day”—-the day Ray Jardine recommends leaving Kennedy meadows.   He also has this advice:  “When you reach Cottonwood Pass,  based on the snow’s depth and consistency there, you will know what to expect of the snowpack throughout the higher regions of the Sierra.  If you find yourself wallowing or postholing laboriously at Cottonwood Pass, rather than fighting the snow, your best tactic would be to descent to Horseshoe Meadows and hitchhike down to Lone Pine for a long layover.

About Bear Cans: In Ray Jardine’s PCT handbook,  he had this advice to hikers to avoid encounters with bears:  “Don’t camp in established campsites, don’t cook where you camp, don’t build a campfire, and sleep with your food.”    I’ve followed his advice for 20,000 long distance trail miles and it has worked for me,  however, there are bear can regulations in some areas in the Sierras—pretty much Yosemite National Park.  Here is the gov map. 

Bear Canister are for sell in Kennedy Meadows, Lone Pine, and Mammoth. Sonora Pass Resupply sells Bearvault Canisters and Microspikes in their online store and will ship them for free.  At Sonora Pass they will buy your bear can back from you for $20 or mail them home for you.    They can also be rented at some ranger stations—you can rent from one ranger station and return it to another.    

I have a Bearvault and got locked out of it— you might want to watch Youtube videos for tricks on opening your bear can.

Note about Sierra resupplies: If you’re too early, resupply may be hard because the road to Lone Pine, Muir Trail Ranch, VVR, Reds Meadow, and Tuolumne Meadows may not be open yet. The date they open is dependent on when the snow melts.

List of hiker shuttle services in the Sierras.  Another list of shuttle services

745 Lone Pine 2.5 mile hike+20 mile hitch. If you leave the PCT on Trail Pass and go back in on Cottonwood Pass, it’s only something like 1.5 miles longer. Trail Pass and Cottonwood pass both will bring you out to Horseshoe Campground, where you will need to ask someone to give you a ride 20 miles to Lone Pine. I found a ride right away but I guess it could be tough.

I’ve done this resupply 4 times now—twice around June 18th , once in July, and another time around the end of September. There have always been plenty of people there but you might have to wait a little while for ride. Everyone is going to Lone Pine and everyone is a hiker. There may be a person in town who will take you back in for a fee but I’ve found hitching back is easy enough. There is water at the campground, so, I hangout there and ask people who are leaving for a ride.

My name is David and I offer shuttle rides to and from Horseshoe Meadows and Lone Pine. Anytime and Anyday service.  Location for overnight camping near town also available free of charge WITH HOT SHOWER.     david@davidmcins.com 760-900-6222

Lone Pine —Bob Ennis– Eastern Sierra Shuttle 760 876 1915 no calls after 9 PM .

 Kurt Power (Lone Pine) [2016] Call 760-876-4811 or email LonePineKurt@aol.com (Limited availability, I check e-mail very regularly.)

East Side Sierra Shuttle  760-878-8047

There is a mid-sized grocery store. There are many motel rooms, restaurants, a laundromat, gear stores. PO(93545) M-F9:30-4:30 760-876-5681

Historic Dow Villa $68 dollars + tax, Tub, phone, no control over temperature.  (760) 876-5521

Whitney Portal hostel 760-876-0030, 25 dollars a night. Bathtub, microwave, TV. You can rent a private room with 2 bunkbeds(4 beds) for 80 dollars. Sometimes they will cut the price on a private room.  If you don’t want to stay, showers available for 5.00. Coin laundry across the street. Whitney Portal Hostel accepts packages–UPS or Fed ex only–c/o Whitney Portal Hostel 238 south main st. Lone Pine CA 93545

The outfitter, “Elevations” 760-876-4560, sells fuel canisters.
There are many stores selling gear in Lone Pine. Including lots of bear canisters for sale.

800-922-1930 Eastern Sierra Transit Authority Bus service between Lone Pine, Bishop, Independence,Lee Vining, Carson City, and Reno; routes and schedules

Inyo Mono Transit now offers The CREST bus service between Reno /Tahoe International Airport and Bishop, CA, and Mammoth Lakes, CA, to Ridgecrest, CA. The one-way fare is very reasonable, ranging from $3.00 to $28.00 depending on where you would like to go.

Inyo Mono Transit also offers local bus service in Bishop, Lone Pine and Mammoth Lakes. Town-to-Town is offered between Bishop and Mammoth, Lone Pine and Bishop, and Walker and Bishop. To get more information on the CREST Service, Town-to-Town Services or Local Services, Please call 760-872-1901 or 800-922-1930. You can also view scheduls online at www.inyocounty.us/transit/transit.htm

 790 (Kearsarge Pass) Independence 9 mile hike +15 mile hitch
East Side Shuttle Service Independence, CA 760-878-8047

I have never gone here because this resupply would eat up a lot of time– 2 days minimum I would guess. Here is something I found on the PCT-L:

There are four motels in Independence, all of them are very hiker friendly:

1. The Courthouse – lowest cost and includes a continental breakfast.- Also has a bunkhouse.  We will be offering bunks for hikers for $25 a night. The “Bunkhouse” is outfitted with: A shared bathroom and a shower, Free WiFi, TV, Shared refrigerator and microwave, laundry service–5 dollars a load, when we can, we will be serving breakfast for $6, rides to and from the trailhead,  accepts resupply packages for their guests —5 dollars for non guest. We will be taking reservations starting on May 9th for dates after the 15th (If you call after the 9th needing a reservation for a date earlier than the 15th we will try our hardest to accommodate you). We will not be able to accept guests on Memorial Day weekend, we are completely booked by a hiking group.
You can message  Genesee here on Facebook or call the Courthouse Motel for reservations or further inquiries at (760) 878-2732
If you are sending your resupply via USPS please address to:

The Courthouse Motel
PO Box 29
Independence, CA 93526

If you are sending your resupply via FedEx or UPS please address to:

The Courthouse Motel
157 N. Edwards St.
Independence, CA 93526

2. The Winnedumah Hotel – slightly more expensive but includes a cooked
breakfast, free laundry and free internet (wireless and a stand alone computer)

3. The Mt Williamson – more cabin style but nice rooms. The best cooked
breakfast in town.   A friendly reminder! The Mt. Williamson Motel & Base Camp in Independence, CA is open for resupply services from March through the end of October. We are halfway between Muir Trail Ranch and Mt. Whitney, over Kearsarge Pass from the JMT/PCT. The resupply package is $175 for one person; $225 for two people. We receive and hold your resupply and provide you a night’s lodging, rides to/from the Onion Valley trailhead, laundry, beverage upon arrival and breakfast.  email me at mtwilliamsonmotel@gmail.com or call at 760-878-2121

4. Ray’s Den – clean and economical. No laundry or breakfast.  If you need laundry there is a machine at the Chevron gas station where it costs $5. The Chevron also sells showers. The Chevron also has free wi-fi for customers, as well as the attached Subway and mini-market.
I heard the Chevron will also accept hiker’s packages. (760) 878-2618

There is another mini-market at the Shell station.

There is a French restaurant – service is slow and typically French, food reports have varied from excellent to not too good, and it’s a bit pricey for many hiker budgets.

Finally there is Loonigans which is a restaurant and bar that is only open on Thurs, Fri & Sat evenings, but it’s pretty good.

Beside the Courthouse (the real one that apparently Charles Manson was tried in) there is public library that also has internet. Kitty corner is the post office which is open 9:30 – 4:30 M-F and lunch hour is 12:30 – 1:30. There is a bus service that runs both north and south and there are three buses a day. Northbound departures are 6:30 am, 8:45am and 5:15 pm and it takes an hour to Bishop. Southbound departures are 7:55 am, 2:10 pm and 7:25pm – Lone Pine is 15 mins away. The schedules are at the bus stops. 800-922-1930 CREST Bus service from Lone Pine to Bishop

Hostel California –Bishop, Pct dorm is $15 and has brand new mattresses! We’re 1 block from most outfitters and food. I hope to meet u guys soon and keep up the hard work!!! -Matt 13 academy ave bishop, it’s downtown close to everything. The hostel # is 760-399-6316.  FB: Hey All PCT Hikers. The Hostel California Bishop has dorm beds for the PCT Hikers for $20.00 Cash and EVERYDAY at 4:20 they have free hot dogs for all PCT Hikers staying at the Hostel.

If you are in Independence on July 4th, I heard, PCT hikers get to be in the parade.

856 Muir Trail Ranch $75 per bucket. It should weigh at most 25 pounds (12 kg). For additional weight, we charge $2.00 per pound ($4.40 per kg), which you can pay for at the ranch. For options other than mailing, see How do I ship my package to the ranch above, or contact us for rates.

You have to send your resupply in a bucket and there is a holding fee of 75 dollars.  Zerodayresupply has a Muir Trail Ranch resupply feature. It’s a mile or two off trail, but you can go in one way and out another to mitigate that distance. Package pickup from 8-5, hiker box, sells all kinds of fuel, small store has batteries, chap stick, meds, no food. Internet cost $10 for 15 minutes, free if you stay there. Tent cabin $140 per person, Cabin 155 per person double occupancy, includes three meals and private Japanese soaking tub with hot spring water. Some hikers had paid 200 dollars a night so the rate may change depending on the time of year. Whatever they paid all hikers agreed that the private Japanese soaking tubs made the cost worth it. They also have flat rate boxes and will mail stuff out for a 10 dollar fee plus the price of postage. I think this is a good way to resupply in the Sierras.    Last time through, I tried to rent a tent but they were booked–some hikers were able to get a tent without a reservation.   They let me get some food out of their glorious hiker boxes anyway, but I talked to a hiker who said they wouldn’t let her into the hiker boxes.   I left a tip for the workers.    Even if you pay them to hold a bucket don’t expect to be allowed to use the outhouse—for some reason they don’t allow that.    I thought they were nice enough.     There is  free hot springs across the river.  I have resupplied out of their hiker boxes twice.

Check their website for opening and closing dates and other info http://www.muirtrailranch.com/resupply.html

877 Vermilion Valley Resort(VVR) 559-259-4000
It’s off trail at least 1.5 miles and then you wait for a ferry to take you across to the resort, Or you could possibly flag down a boater to take you.  If the river is low it could be a much longer walk to the landing.   Depending on the wait, it could eat up a bunch of time. They have a small store, showers, laundry, cabins, accepts packages for a fee, restaurant, lodging in wall tents. In the past, your first night in a wall tent and your first beer were free. I’ve been there once. Big hiker scene.   Cell service in the area.

“The Edison Queen is in the water! Ferry is running on the normal schedule – which is leaving the VVR side of the lake at 9 am and picking up on the Mono Creek side of the lake at 9:45…. returning in the afternoon to pick up at 4:45 pm at the Mono Creek side of the lake. Don’t be late! We won’t be running small boats back and forth all day any more…. so if you miss the ferry you’ll need to walk in or wait for the next run.”

2016–Schedule – We are running smaller boats which hold 4 backpackers at a time, so we are now running multiple ferry runs between the hours of 8am and 10:30am.  Should you arrive at the Mono Creek landing side with a large group outside of these times, please call 559-259-4000 for pickup. Pick up location is the flag on the beach.  Fare for the water taxi is $12 per person one way, $19 round trip, and can be purchased in the general store.  No reservations are needed.  Special Ferry runs can be arranged throughout the day. The charge is $12 per person, with a $75 minimum.

There is a $25.00 fee for pickup and storage of each package, collected at the end of your visit.  There is a $10.00 charge PLUS postage per item to mail packages of excess items home from VVR.

UPS– Hiker name, VVR,C/O Rancheria Garage, 62311 Huntington Lake Road, Lakeshore, CA, 93634

 As always we have a wonderful menu and milkshakes as well and of course pie!!  The new addition this year is a slackline! If you are needing a little balance in your hike try our slackline! Hope to see all you hikertrash in here!!!!! Be safe out there- Snort

906.6- Reds Meadow Resort 800-292-7758
.03 off trail.  The free hot spring showers are closed.  Showers cost 7 dollars and are close to the store, coin laundry, camp store that is pretty good(if you’re not too early), restaurant, cabins, camping. hiker box at store, wi-fi, pay phone, cell service. accepts packages for a 40.00 fee- USPS only: Your Name, Red’s Meadow Resort, P.O. Box 395, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

I easily resupplied out of the store the last time 3 times I went through. Open7-7 everyday .

There is also a bus that will take you down to Mammoth Lakes where there are motels, outfitters, grocery stores, everything. The bus is free but you have to purchase a wilderness permit, which in 2008 was 7 dollars.  Tell them how many days you will be staying so you don’t have to buy another one for the return trip. The bus drops you off at the ski resort where you can catch another bus into town (if you’re not to early in the season). There is a trolley that will take you around town.

I heard the Motel 6 holds hiker packages for its guests call to confirm  (760) 934-6660 Website    Phone (760) 904-6991   3372 Main St Po Box 1260, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546

from the PCTA site: Davison Street Guest House, Mammoth Lakes Website
Offering dorm beds, a large community kitchen, low rates, and a nice ambiance. A dorm bed is $30 (PCT discount) with tax and includes bed linens and towels. Phone: (858) 755-8648 (advance), (760) 924-2188 (walk-ins). The lodge is located at the corner of Lake Mary Rd at 19 Davison in Mammoth Lakes, CA.
I have never stayed here.

Someone on Facebook posted this: there are plenty of quiet stealth spots in the forests north of Old Shady Rest campground. Just find a hidden spot out of sight of any road or trail and you should be fine…Also if you really need a shower, the Mammoth RV park has showers for $7 fee.

?Someone posted on Facebook that Mammoth RV park is free to hikers with a thru-hiker permit.  Showers and wifi.   Its next to McDs and the court house. Across from the visitors center. The purple line will drop you off right in front of it Another hiker posted that it wasn’t free anymore.

FB:So here’s the scoop on food there…Latino market behind Rite Aid has 2 dollar tacos and some other stuff get 3 get a free soda or water and the best Mexican food in mammoth. Wed is 5 dollar for 10 wings at Outlaw u have to sit in the outlaw side not johns to get that…also all u can eat BBQ ribs at Angels across the street for 14 bucks, I think. Music in the village every.weekend after the 4th. There will be a,parade on the 4th…have fun! Wed is half off ritas at Robertos they have happy hour free tacos foo I believe but you have to buy a drink and I don’t know how great they are either sorry…o and happy hour at Slocums 4 dollars for cheese burger and fries!

 FB: If you have any issues w/ your gear regarding zippers or stuff that needs to be sewn, contact: lesliesalterationsandcreations.com

942.5 Tuolumne Meadows  Good camp store, small gear store, camping—there is a cheap backpackers site (5.00). You can send your packages to the store. PO-(Open M-F 9-5, Sa 9-12; 209-372-8236) they let me have my package on a Sunday. General Delivery, Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park, CA 95389 Both the camp store and the gear store sells fuel canisters. ATM.  Hours vary. When I went through in mid June I think it closed at 4 pm.  There are free buses that run around the park.  To get phone signal I took the bus up to the high point.  Once I got a shower by riding the bus to the lodge where there was a shower building. Bear can or not I, I don’t camp within 15 miles either side of Tuolumne Meadows to avoid clashes with bears that have tasted human food.

948.7 Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp Bear boxes, free camping. If they have an opening you can sometimes buy a meal here.  They have a few candy bars for sale.  Bought a very nice salmon dinner with live music last time through (2014) for 40 dollars.

1018   Sonora Pass Resupply  Special–  orders over 50.00 delivered free.  Mobile resupply.   Put your order in at least 7 days in advance. Resupply delivery, coffee, water, recharging.   Bear can mailing.

Kennedy Meadows (North) Sornora Pass 209-965-3900  10 mile hitch There is a bit of a walk into the resort after you get dropped off at the road. Restaurant, showers, store, cabin rental, laundry, bunkhouse. I stayed in the nice newly rebuilt bunkhouse in 2012. I paid 20 dollars and got the whole room to myself. Holds packages UPS only C/O Kennedy Meadows Resort and Pack station, 57 miles east of Sonora on Hwy. 108, Sonora, Ca, 95370  I heard there is a 10 dollar holding fee.  I also heard you can pay them to mail your bear can home.  I was able to buy some Wi-fi time, once,  but they said no downloading big files. FB: Kennedy Meadows Resort PCT Rates:
Laundry, shower and bed in the dorm $35 ( a good deal because otherwise, a shower is $6 and use of the laundry is $5)
Mailing an empty bear canister $20
Mailing a bear canister with stuff in it $25.

If you hitch the other way at Sornora Pass you can get to Bridgeport. It’s a two road hitch and I have never been there.  Facebook review: If your planning on stopping in Bridgeport look up Virginia Creek Settlement- 760-932-7780;  Skip the Bridgeport Inn that place is a joke.

From Facebook: If you need a ride to or from the trail in the Bridgeport, CA or Sonora Pass area call Lou Hill at: 
209-329-4745 (cell)
760-932-7296  Very hiker friendly and good rates.

Northbound or Southbound, planned or not, I have always been ready for more food when I hit Sonora Pass.


1050.2 Ebbits Pass and 1078.6 Carson Pass– Minden   I guess from here you can hitch about 30 minute drive to the town of Minden.   I’ve never done this and have never been to Minden but “The Best of the Crest” page has good things to say about it: “For those of you considering taking a break or resupply from Ebbetts Pass or Carson Pass, it’s a half-hour drive east across the state line to this rapidly-growing, full-service city. With a medical clinic, complete supermarket, big-box retail outlet and every other major draw

1090.8 South Lake Tahoe 11 mile hitch  Once I took a taxi both ways, it was expensive. The store in Echo Lake is good enough so if all you’re after is a resupply  South Lake Tahoe isn’t necessary.  Grocery store, motels-High Country Lodge 530-541-0508, Outfitter-– 530-542-4000. The Tahoe Y seems to be the central location. Motel prices go way up on weekends.  I got pulled over for jay- walking in this town in 2014.  I  think I would try hitching from mile 1090 at the Echo Summit trailhead parking rather than at 1090.8 where the trail crosses hwy 50 because it’s hard for cars to stop there. 

South Lake Tahoe Post Office [open M-F 8:30-5 & Sa 12-2; 530-544 -5867]
(Your Name)
c/o General Delivery

South Lake Tahoe, CA 96151

Note that South Lake Tahoe has two Post Offices. Only the main Post Office
at 1046 Al Tahoe Blvd accepts resupply packages.
 From Facebook:   Base Camp Pizza Co. in South Lake Tahoe offers one free personal pizza for hikers with PCT Permit!!!

 Lake of the Sky Outfitters, in South Lake Tahoe, is closed.  .

South Lake Tahoe is served by a custom shuttle and a scheduled bus service, Blue-Go , that will pick you up at the Tahoe Y, or any location in their South Lake service area, and bring you right to the South Upper Truckee trail head in Meyers. It will leave you at the base of Hawley Grade, and you can easily hitch up to Echo Summit, if you are starting or continuing your trip from there. The fee is $6. Blue Go Phone: 775-589-5284 Blue GO OnCall Shuttle: 530- 541-7149

There is a hostel now.  It’s a ways out of town but on the bus route.  I talked to a hiker who stayed there and he said it was a big party scene.  http://www.mellowmountainhostel.com/  530 600-3272  I heard they will hold packages.  4081 Cedar Ave, South Lake Tahoe CA 96150.  Free if stay; 7 dollars if you don’t.

Someone posted this on Facebook:   There’s a comfortable and safe 8 mile walking route from PCT to the “Y” that avoids hwy 50 and goes on unused roads or bike paths.  Directions from PCT to Tahoe:
* At PCT mile 1091.1 take a paved road right (Johnson Pass road). Follow the road for one mile east, first on flat terrain and then down a steep switchback to Hwy 50.
* Carefully cross Hwy 50 and you’ll find an unused road (Old Meyers grade rd) closed to car traffic. Go down this road for 2 miles.
* the Old Meyers grade road goes into the village of Meyers with a cafe, sandwich place, small stores and restaurant. The Getaway Cafe was my favorite.
* From Meyers a bike path goes all the way to the “Y” and Lake of the Sky outfitters (around 5.5 miles)

~ Snowman

1092.3 Echo Lake –on trail Good camp store–fresh fruit and veggies, deli, PO-(they won’t receive packages for hikers anymore but maybe they still mail them?), They make you buy water(3.50 a gallon) or drink it out of the abused lake. Easily resupplied out of store last 4 times through.  Store open from 8-6:30

Attention thru-hikers: The Chalet can no longer receive re-supply packages.  If addressed to us, packages will be held at our regional post office (Twin Bridges) located 9 miles west on Highway 50 next to the Strawberry Station Market, and across from Strawberry Lodge.  Hours 9:30-4pm M-F. Closed 1pm-1:30 for lunch. Phone: 530-659-7670

Alternatively, hikers can mail to the South Lake Tahoe Main Post Office; 12 miles from Echo Lake, at  1046 Al Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150. Phone: 530-544-5867  Take Highway 50 through Meyers to Pioneer Trail (or continue to Lake Tahoe Boulevard) then proceed east to Al Tahoe Boulevard. The facility is located at the south end of the shopping mall.

This is where I usually send my bear canister and ice ax home but now I guess I can send at least my bear can home through Sonora Pass Resupply.

1153.4 Donner Pass/ Truckee/Soda Springs

Truckee Post Office 530-587-7158 open Mo-Fr 8:30a-5p; Sa 11a-2p
(Hiker Name)
c/o General Delivery
Truckee, CA 96161

Truckee has an Amtrak terminal. Truckee has a library with internet terminals. Hours of Operation: Mon-Wed: 10:30 am to 6:00 pm Thursday: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm Friday: 10:30 am to 6:00 pm closed Sat and Sun/
10031 Levon Avenue Truckee California 96161 530-582-7846

If you’re hiking north, hitch 10 miles to your right. Big grocery storethere is a bus that will take you into town a mile or so down the hill from the trail.

About 1.5 miles towards Soda Springs is The Clair Tappen Lodge.   55 dollar PCT hiker rate for a shower, a small private sleeping cubicle, and laundry.   Wi-Fi, Hot tub, 3 communal meals for sale for 15.00.   http://vault.sierraclub.org/outings/lodges/ctl/    Make a reservation: call 530-426-3632 or email reservations@clairtappaanlodge.com  “Don’t forget to stop by and see us (or stay with us) while you are in the northern Tahoe region. We are about a mile west on Old Hwy. 40 (south of I-80). This is a hostel. We have free showers, a free laundry facility, a meal plan, and comfortable bunks (most in separated rooms). We will also pick up your re-supply from the Soda Spring P.O. and keep it at the lodge until you arrive for a fee $5-10.  Hope to see you soon.”

There looks to be a hostel opening in Truckee http://www.truckeehostel.com/ 

Or you could hitch 3-4 miles to your left (if northbound) to get to Soda Springs for a smaller store/ deli(530) 426-3080 Open 8-7 daily —I have resupplied out of the store.   PO (95728, (530) 426-3082, Mon-Fri 9:00am-4:00pm Sat-Sun closed.

If you walk to your left on Donner Pass(if you’re heading north) you will shortly come to a restaurant that is sometimes open.

1195 Sierra City 1 mile hitch or walk or follow alternative route laid out in Wilderness Press Guide for a different way into town. Small grocery store, PO, restaurants, some lodging, laundromat-closed, free cold shower ,  PO (96125 503-862-1152 Pickup Services Hours Monday-Friday 8:30am – 11:30am
12:30pm – 4:30pm Saturday 10:30am – 12:30pm

Sierra Country Store( your name, C/O Sierra Country Store, 213 Main Street, Sierra City, Ca 96125) UPS,FEDEX, USPS accepts packages. open M-F 9-6 and S-S 9-7

Larry’s Country Store continues to be popular with the thru hikers. Larry will hold packages for the hikers (http://www.sierracountrystore.com).   Post Office is on the other side. Free cold shower and restrooms in a facility next to the church. The Red Moose opened under new ownership and has good food. The Buckhorn was open, but the family is having hard times and it may not reopen this summer. The Sierra City Hotel is being renovated and should be renting rooms this summer. The River Haven Vacation Home is renting rooms with a communal kitchen (contact Susan at 530-862-1549).–GERALD GATES

From FacebookIf you’re headed into Sierra City soon, be sure to check out River Haven, a lovely hiker hostel just across the street from the general store. The owner Susan offers camping, shared rooms, and private rooms as well as wifi and showers! Call or stop by for more information  530-862-1549 http://www.riverhaven.drivehq.com/Home.htm

The Mountain Creek The Buckhorn Restaurant 530-862-1400  in town  is offering a full apartment above it, with full kitchen and washer and dryer for 125 bucks a night. If you got a bunch of hikers together it could be a good deal.–

In 2007 the guy at the RV park said he would not rent a hiker a campsite or sell them a shower for any price.   But that was 2007…..I heard he let a hiker do laundry there recently so might be worth asking.

QuinceyMultiple hitch points into town, I came off at 1161 but guthook lists 1165.  Both were easy hitches especially on weekends.  I waited 3 minutes.
Safeway is a good one, also the Quincy Natural Foods has a surprising number of resupply options, healthy ones at that.  5% off on Tuesdays.  There is also a Dollar Tree which has a few good things (snickers etc bars 89 cents, but the movie boxes are a better deal 3+oz/$1) I have some health issues and can’t eat a lot of the stuff, but it’s right next to the safeway so worth a look.
The hotels are meh !BUT! people here are super nice and want to host.  My recommendation is to stop by the Drunk Brush wine bar, it’s near the center on Grover alley.  They have a list of local trail angels, Valerie was the one I talked to.  I am crashing with one lady who tho it was her first time hosting only a week ago she is super chill and has been excited for more people.  We thought it’s better to vet people tho at the wine bar first just in case we don’t want a bad experience.
  There are a ton of thrift stores and also an outfitter tho it’s closed half the time.  Has fuel tho. Couple good restaurants in town as well to keep ya feed/watered.

1261 Bucks Lake This is on an alternate route. It’s longer than the PCT and it can be a hot road walk.  However there are a couple of small stores and two restaurants with bars. The first store you come to (as you are going north) is the best one to resupply out of, it has plenty of stuff, also fresh fruit and veggies and homemade breakfast burritos. There are two new restaurant and bars on the way and the northern most one sports a tiny store (chips, soda, candy) as well.

Bucks Lake lodge (530) 283-2262 offers a 20% off discount for PCT hikers staying at their lodge and a choice of free ice cream or beverage (beer).   They also will hold packages for free from any carrier: Hiker’s name, c/o Bucks Lake Lodge, 16525 Bucks Lake Rd., Quincy,Ca 95971  “Please hold for PCT hiker”

Someone wrote me with this info: (Much easier to catch a ride down from Buck’s Summit off PCT into Quincy than hitch 30 miles back up highway 70 from Belden to Quincy)

1284 Beldon Town Resort. On trail. Beldon has had problems in the past but they may be turning their life around. In the last few years they have been  promptly open at 8am. Hours 8-8 -cafe and small store, accepts packages UPS only for a $15 dollar fee.  14785 Beldon Town Rd., Beldon, CA 95915.   15 dollars to camp, includes shower. Showers are 5 dollars if not camping. Wash and dry laundry available for 5 dollars.   (530) 283-9662

Last time through (2014) I bought enough stuff to get me to Chester.  Tuna packets, ramen, trail mix, cookies, chips, instant potatoes, nuts, etc.  All was quiet when I went through but I’ve heard there are often Raves happening there now.

If Belden doesn’t work for you, just keep walking across the bridge, turn right and head down the road a mile or so to Caribou Crossroads  530-283-1384 where there is laundry, showers, cafe, very small store, camping, cabin and wall tent rental.     New PO in Caribou Crossroads  looks to be open now and running 7 days a week 8am-5pm  (hiker name) C/O Caribou Crossroads,  general delivery, 16242 Hwy 70, Belden CA 95915.  Will hold for 3 weeks.  August 2017 Store only -10am-6pm M-F, Store and cafe 8a- 5pm Sat and Sun.  They will close for the season after Labor Day weekend Sept. 4th in 2017

Posted on Facebook:  http://littlehavenpct.com/hikerservices

Also from here you can hitch 30 miles to the full service town of Quincy.

530-283-2538 Plumas Transit System www.plumastransit.com
Service between Quincey and Chester, 3 times daily.
Service between Quincey and Reno, M-F.
Service between Quicney and Chico, W only.

1328.8 Chester 7.5 mile E hitch on Hwy 36 (Walk towards town about 1000ft for a more advantageous hitching spot)  The highlights for me were the restaurant that serves pancakes all day and the really great grocery store. There are motels, restaurants, stores, rv park  and I heard there is a laundry with showers .  PO 96020 503-258-4184 M-F 7:30-4    There is usually town info in the cooler on the north side of the road.   I heard you can get fuel at the Sports Nut —208 Main, Chester  Phone:(530) 258-3327

I heard there may be free camping behind the Lutheran Church. 161 Aspen St.

Susanville_Indian_Rancheria_Public_Transportation_Program   I heard will pickup and drop off at trail


Antler Inn is a new motel that is across the street from the grocery store. 2012 cost 87 dollars for one or two, 10 dollars for each additional person. Seneca motel doesn’t look that nice but I’ve heard it’s 43-52 dollars a night. There is also a Best Western.

Last time through, (2014) I stayed at a RV park for 15 dollars included shower, towel, soap, wi-fi and has coin laundry.   Across the street is a pizza parlor and a small grocery.   Next door is a coffee place.

1347.6 Drakesbad Guest Ranch 530-529-1512 Ext. 120/ 866-999-0914   .05 mile off trail.  Breakfast 7:30-8:30, Lunch 12-1 Dinner 6-7.  There is a public campground not far from here with running water and bear boxes, if you want to come back for breakfast.

Drakesbad provides meal service ,  shower facilities, a coin operated washer/dryer and swimming in the hot spring pool, hiker box. Drakesbad continues to accept packages and mail for the PCT hiker from USPS, UPS and Fed Ex. The address is:
(Hiker Name)
Drakesbad Guest Ranch
End of Warner Valley Road
Chester, CA 96020   Phone: 866-999-0914
Website: www.drakesbad.com

Packages are no longer delivered there, but they will pick up packages when they go to town so give the packages plenty of time to arrive.

1371 Old Station–Hat Creek Resort For sale but was still opened when I came through in 2014  Don’t get your hopes up about this place but once they offered showers, coin laundry, small store, very tiny deli serves some prepared food. Motel,  Hours: Sun-Thurs 8-7 F-S 8-8 530-335-7121  They say they have Wifi but I’ve never been able to connect to it.       Post Office 96071 503-335-7191, Monday-Friday 11:00am – 3:00pm  Saturday at the backdoor 1-2:15 Sunday Closed   If you find you cannot make it in during Post Office hours please call me @ (530) 335-7191 and we can make arrangements to kick it forward or take next door to the Hat Creek Resort/Market whose hours are 7-7. Renee DeLay-Harsanyi 

If you walk down the road from Old Station, you will run into another three small stores that had hard boiled eggs and fruit among other things. There is also a restaurant, J.J.’s Cafe 530 335-7225 ), on the way.  JJ’s cafe is under now ownership now.  Open at 7:00am every day; close at 7:00pm Wed-Sat, and at 3:00pm Sun-Tue.  Chuck Woodman, the owner of JJ’s Cafe near Old Staton, CA writes: We will gladly hold resupply packages for hikers, since our hours are much more abundant than the Post Office in Old Station  Send packages to 13385 Hwy 89, Old Station, CA 96071, preferably through UPS/Fedex, and notify chuck.woodman@gmail.com so we can verify receipt. No holding fee on the packages. [www.jjscafeoldstation.com]    You can rejoin the trail on down the road a bit by the Subway Caves. I have resupplied out of the small store and the small stores down the road 3 times. The other two stores close to the Subway caves are open till 8pm and one of them has an ATM machine.

From Facebook: The gas station next to JJ’s cafe has canister fuel and they allow hikers to camp behind the station.

1407.2  Burney Mountain Guest Ranch  New place, I’ve never been here.  High voltage power line – follow power line  past large bird nest to red road, turn left. We are about 1/4 mile off pct. Mail drop, hot food, beds or tent site, pool, shower, laundry, resupply food available.  Camping for the night for $25 which includes laundry, shower, pool time, and a meal.  You can send and receive packages at Burney Mountain Guest Ranch
PO Box 2588, Burney, CA 96013
Cost to receive packages is $5 each
Cost to send packages is USPS charges plus $2

Or, if hikers just need water and respite from the sun, stop by. We are .3 miles off the trail.

Facebook: I also did a three day resupply there to get me to Castella. The wifi there is strong and I had 3/4 bars of service for Verizon. They have nice comfy couches and air conditioning inside so you can avoid the heat

Another Facebook review: If you haven’t been to burney mountain guest ranch yet I highly recommend it!!! Such friendly welcoming people, everything you need for resupply, great homemade ice cream when you arrive! Fine with you hanging out on the porch to rest your feet! A/C, TV, wifi, computer, pool, pool table only $25 to camp including laundry, shower and a meal!

1408.9 Burney, CA. 7 miles off trail on hwy 299. I have never been here.

Burney is a town 7.7 miles SW of the PCT with motels, restaurants, Safeway
grocery, laundry, ATM, pay phones, and a post office.
Burney Post Office [open M-F 9:30-4; 530-335-5430]
(Your Name)
c/o General Delivery
Burney, CA 96013
You can catch a bus in Burney that runs down to Redding. I believe that it runs twice a day. –Jackass PCT-L http://www.rabaride.com/routes/burneyexpress.html#schedule

1416.5 Burney Falls campground  Small store that will accept packages . c/O Burney Falls State Park, Mcarthur Burney Falls State Park, 24900 State Hwy89, Burney, CA, 96020 530) 335-7513  Accepts packages from any carrier–$5  Wifi at the visitor’s center

I resupplied out of the store my last 4 times through–chips, cookies, cheese, hot cocoa, instant coffee, instant potatoes, etc. Hiker box. Root beer floats, hot dogs, ice cream, .50 cent showers, cabins, camping. There isn’t a washing machine but there are large sinks outside the showers that say they are for clothes washing. The hiker site is miles away from everything and cost 3.00.

1498.6 Castella  2 miles SW of trail. PO (96017)503-235-4413 M-F 11am- 3pm Sat8:30-10:30, ‎ (The Castella Post Office is still on the post office closure list due to budget cuts. Check before sending any packages here) I recommend sending to the market.

Ammirati’s Market and Deli 530-235-2676 open from 7:30-9pm every day. Will hold packages for no fee from any carrier. 20107 Castle Creek Rd. 96017 In 2010 he told me that address would work for all carriers but they do have a PO box–PO Box 90 Castella CA 96017.  Payphone at store. If you want to buy some tortillas ask the guy behind the burrito counter. Store has great selection of fruit. I have resupplied out of the store the last 3 times I went through.

Trail to campground is across from store/post office–50 cent showers– you can get change from the store or the camp hosts. There’s a PCT hiker site that cost 3.00 a person. There is also a trail from the PCT hiker site that will bring you back to the PCT but it looked longer to me.

It’s a couple mile road walk to Castella, with very little chance of getting a hitch,  but you can keep walking down the road that runs between the post office and the campground and hit a trail that will lead you back up to the PCT so you don’t have to backtrack. It’s called the Flume trail. Ask a ranger or the camp hosts.  Look at your maps….. the last couple of times through, I took a trail into town  that runs along the river, has a small suspension bridge across the river and brings you out about a 1/2 mile from town…. Much more beautiful then the road walk.

Siskiyou County will be extending its STAGE bus service to Castella this summer to accommodate Pacific Crest Trail hikers.

This new service will provide transportation from Castle Crags State Park and the PCT trailhead at Soda Creek Road to the towns of Dunsmuir, Mount Shasta City, and Weed, with connections available to Yreka, Etna, and Seiad Valley. A Greyhound Bus connection is available in Weed.

STAGE service will be provided Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from July 16 through Aug. 24, with buses arriving in Castella at 10:45 a.m. and 6:40 p.m. Fares range from $2.50 to $6, depending on distance traveled.

For the current STAGE schedule, visit www.co.siskiyou.ca.us/content/stage-schedules or call 530-842-8220.  Routes will also be shown on Google Transit.

From I-5 you can also go to Dunsmuir or Mr. Shasta. There is a bus that runs between Dunsmuir and Mt. Shasta. The bus can also bring you to Weed, Yreka, and Siead Valley.  Mt. Shasta is bigger than Dunsmuir.  Dunsmuir has an Amtrak stop.

Mt. Shasta KOA 530-926-4029.

http://thefifthseason.com/   Gear store in Mt. Shasta city

http://mtshastataxi.com/   503-859-3266

1597.2 Etna, Ca 10.4 mile hitch. You may wait 45 minutes for the first car to go by but they will probably give you a ride. Inexpensive good value motel aprox-$50 Motel Etna(530) 467-5338, groceries, restaurants, library, free community pool with showers, ice cream fountain in drug store, drug store, micro brewery, hardware store, health clinic, day spa, free Wi-Fi in the park offering $5.00 overnight camping, $5.00 HOT water showers, and park lockers that have charging stations-2.00. Coin laundry behind the Shell station.  I heard you can get canister fuel at the hardware store and the coffee house.  I have been there 3 times and skipped it twice.   PO(96027 503-467-3981 Pickup Services Hours Monday-Friday 9:00am -5:00pm Saturday 8:00am – 11:00am    According to Facebook, they are working on having 2x daily pickup/drop offs at Etna Summit.

Alderbrook Manor Hiker Hut Excepts packages UPS or FedEx free for guest 5.00 for non-guests

Alderbrook Manor Bed and Breakfast
836 Sawyers Bar Road
Etna, CA 96027

Phone: 530-467-3917
Cell: 530-598-2853
email: alderbrook@sisqtel.net In 2012 it cost 25 plus 2 dollars tax to stay in the dorm style hut. shower, kitchen, Internet, and wifi — can be very cramped. laundry an extra 3 dollars, rides back to the trail 5 dollars. Once the beds are rented out they start renting out lawn space for 10 dollars a head.

1653.4  Seiad Valley (on trail) PO–96086, Showers, laundry, camping, groceries, cafe.

The Post office (96086) is only open 12 to 4 m-f and 12 to 2 on sat.

Seiad Valley Cafe and Store  Small store that looks to be stocking for hikers,  Café open from 7-2pm daily (2010) Beware the pancakes if you are hoping to hike out. Wifi at the Cafe and the trailer park.   The store will hold packages for free. (530) 496-3399
c/o Seiad Valley Store, 44719 Highway 96, Seiad Valley CA 96086   Store open 6am till at least 8pm daily(maybe 9)I carry 4 types of fuel, Jetboil, wh.gas, sterno,and denatured Ach.  
All kinds of beer, fruit, veggies, knox sides, foiled wrapped tuna,salmon, mashed potatoes mixes.  
A lot of different ice creams.
  Let me know what you want and I’ll do my best to have it” (530) 496-3399  Please put your real name not your trail name on it as no packages will be given out without proper id.

There is a bus that stops here and goes to the big town of Yreka with a Walmart and a big grocery store– only runs on Mondays and Fridays. Departs Seiad Valley at 8:10am Arrives Yreka 9:30am/ Leaves Yreka 3:00pm Arrives back at Seiad at 4:47pm

2016–Mid River RV in Seiad Valley California will be ready for this year’s group of hikers. We’ve been dedicated to serving PCT hikers for the last 10 years. For both day use and nightly stays I offer a shower, towel, soap and shampoo. I have 2 small dorm style refrigerators to keep food from the Seiad Cafe or Seiad Store cool and a cooler for drinks. The laundromat and WiFi are also available, WiFi is complimentary the laundromat is coin op. I have complimentary laundry detergent available. There is a large, well shaded grass area to sleep on for those who stay the night. Or just to hang out on during the heat of the day. Also the office has satellite TV and a wide variety of dvds.
Package pick up is $5 and is included in nightly stay.
Day Use is $10. Offer ends at 3pm but you can stay until 6:30
Nightly Stay $15
Contact Bruce at 530-496-3400
Thank you and I look forward to seeing you!

Mid River RV Park 530-496-3400 accepts packages. UPS recommended, I’ve sent my box twice USPS and it was waiting at the post office not at the trailer park and I know this has happened to other people. So if you send it USPS to the RV park, I would call the post mistress or the RV park and and remind them that your box is there waiting to be picked up.

UPS:  c/o Mid River RV Park 44701 Highway 96 Seiad Valley, CA 96086

USPS: C/O Mid River RV Park
PO Box 707
Seiad Valley, CA. 96086

Thompson Creek Lodge – Cabins (530) 496-3657  Our cabins are located on 7 miles from the Trailhead in Seiad Valley, CA. We provide pick up shuttle service from the Seiad Valley store and return shuttle to the trail head. Our accommodations feature full housekeeping cabins with complete kitchens, swimming pool, on site laundry, relax on our 2,000+ sq. ft. deck overlooking Thompson Creek.

List of Oregon trail angels

1716.2 Callahan’s There is a short cut down to the Callahan’s. Keep your eyes open, there is a sign directing you down a trail. Also you will want to take the short cut if you are going into Ashland.

You can do a load of laundry (no sleeping bags, please) take a hot shower, pitch your tent on any level spot you like, then have a seat on our dining deck or in the dining room. Order a salad, bottomless plate of spaghetti served with French sourdough bread. Enjoy live music till 9 pm, maybe later. You will sleep like a baby and later than usual, we hope. When you awaken (after 8 am, please) come to breakfast and dine on a dish of fresh fruit, 3 eggs, 3 slices of bacon, and all the pancakes you can eat.   All this is yours for just sixty well-spent bucks (excluding gratuity) – $60″   You can also pay for services ala carte.

Callahan’s accepts packages $5, showers-$22–includes toiletries, towel and robe,  laundry $8–includes detergent, meals, lodging, camping–$12. open daily 7am-9pm.  541-482-1299 or 1-800-286-0507 C/O The Bergquist, 7100 Old Hwy 99 South, Ashland, Or 97520

Callahan’s is a fancy place to stay with a hot tub in your room, robes, coffee pot, microwave, fridge.   The hiker rate was around 115 per night which looked to be about 1/2 price.  I couldn’t get wi-fi in my room.  But the rooms do have a DVD player and you can rent movies for 3 dollars a pop.

Main Street Adventure Shuttles 541-482-9852   Dedicated to providing hikers safe, affordable transportation to and from PCT trailheads in the northern California  and Southern Oregon.

1716.2 Ashland Outfitters, lodging, groceries, PO, food co-op,

The cheaper rooms are on the outskirts of town closer to the trail. I’ve stayed at the The Roadway Inn 800-547-4566.  2359 Ashland Street, Hwy 66, They are close to the big stores and they have a PCT hiker rate around 65.00 +tax. accepts packges  There is a public bus that can take you into the tourist part of town and a bus to Medford. If you get right in town the rooms are expensive but there are hostels:

The Ashland Hostel and The Ashland Commons Hostel–25 dollar shared rooms with wi-fi and on site laundry.  I recommend The Ashland Commons Hostel over The Ashland Hostel.    The time I stayed at the Ashland Hostel (2001) they kicked us out during the day—not sure if that is still the case.    I’ve stayed at the Ashland Commons Hostel more recently–nice place, nice people.

From the PCTA website: The Rodeway Inn (formerly Knights Inn) located in Ashland Oregon welcomes PCT hikers at a discount rate of $64.99 (plus tax) for one bed, or $74.99 (plus tax) for two beds for two people. Additional people is $5.00 extra per person. We are conveniently located within walking distance to large grocery stores, bank, laundromat, restaurants, bus route, and a Rite Aid drug store (which has a U. S. Post Office inside the store). A continental breakfast is included with your stay. All rooms have microwaves, refrigerators, hair dryers, radio/alarm clock, coffee maker and flat-screen TVs. In our lobby we have a hiker box for your convenience and we offer free computer service, also in our lobby. We have an outdoor pool for enjoyment and relaxation for hikers. 2359 Ashland Street (Hwy 66) Phone: (541) 482-5111 accepts packages for their guest, no fee. 541-482-5111. label your package as a hiker package, include your ETA. c/o Rodeway Inn, 2359 Ashland Street, Ashland, OR 97520.

If you stay at the Roadway Inn you can take the bus into  the tourist part of town but it doesn’t run on Sunday.    In the tourist part of town there is a world famous Shakespeare festival happening.   Sometimes you can get half price tickets the day of the show—they have other plays going besides Shakespeare.

Facebook: “The Jackson Wellsprings on the north part of Ashland lets you pitch a tent for $25, which includes access to their amazing hot springs, swimming pool and dry/wet sauna. Bus line takes you there, and back into town.”   2253 Rogue Valley Hwy 99 N  (541) 482-3776

Found on Facebook:  If you want to ship ahead to Ashland, OR we’ll accept your box, we also offer rush services for thru hikers, so drop down and see us..RepairMyFootwear.com-Repair Services  We offer full shoe repair services. Further we provide:shoe dying, zipper repair, backpack repair, orthopedic augmentations.  djshulters@yahoo.com  541.482.4656

27 South 2nd Street
Ashland, Oregon 97520
(Uptown Ashland – Up 2nd street from Main)

If you don’t want to hitch there is a shuttle service: Cascade Airport Shuttle  541-488-1998  Daily transportation shuttle service that provides door-to-door service to all points in the Rogue River Valley including the Medford Airport.Bus ser

From the PCT-L
I live in Ashland and provide rides for hikers to the trailhead. I can also give you a lift from the Medford airport. I will email you my phone number. I will be in between hikes at the beginning of July.
Mary Kwart mkwart@gci.net

Bus service between Medford and Ashland Weekdays:  http://rvtd.org/    Other days http://www.oregon-point.com/sw_point.php

I went to Ashland my first time hiking the PCT and stayed at the hostel, but I often don’t stop; it’s just too far off trail, touristy, overpriced, and too much.

If you are ending your hike or starting your hike in Ashland check out Craig’s List ride share for a ride.   There is someone going to Ashland from Portland and Portland to Ashland everyday.   I have also taken a Craigs List ride that was going from Portland to San Francisco.   Since if you are on I-5 you will go right past the trail, so I was able to be dropped off  at the trail.

I have also taken a Greyhound to Medford where there is bus service running to Ashland.

1732.9Green Springs Inn 541-482-0614 It’s about a mile east of the PCT at the Greensprings Summit/Hwy 66. Lodging, camping, restaurant.
Short-cut trail is marked on Halfmile’s 2012 Oregon map B3. This
trail allows you to cross the dam and avoid the long walk on the
highway around the reservoir. Details: about 1/4 mile before reaching
Hwy 66, drop off PCT on to old skid road (poorly marked, on right side
of PCT). Cross Keene Creek Dam. Pick up service road alongside
ditch which empties into reservoir above dam. Follow ditch road
about 1.5 miles. Look for marked game bridge at back of Green
Springs Inn property. Bridge has “³ GSI ” in orange paint. Follow
short trail up to Green Springs Inn. Or, stay on PCT until you reach
Hwy 66. Hitch or walk 2 miles to the right.

Accepts packages, no fee.
USPS, UPS, or FedEx. c/o Green Springs Inn, 11470 Highway 66,
Ashland, Or 97520
I stayed here in 2014.   It was a nice room with my own hot tub.   The rooms don’t have tv but you can ask them to put a tv and a dvd player in your room for no extra cost and borrow DVDs for free.   Coffee pot.   99.00 but I have heard sometimes they have a 79 dollar room.

1733.1  New option of a place to stay east of Ashland OR. We live a few miles from the TH as it crosses Highway 66  east of Ashland OR. 17.3 miles after Callahans but before Hyatt Lake. We will pick hikers up/drop off at the trail on Hwy 66. We offer a comfy quiet place to sleep, hot shower, laundry, healthy home cooked meals and 3 dogs that will take all the attention you want to give them.  Can also take hikers into Ashland to restock. Contact us:  jennyonthecreek@gmail.com  to get more information or make arrangements to stay.   Happy Trails! Jen and Matt Watson

1740.2 Hyatt Lake Resort ( 1.4 miles NW of the PCT ) Campers Cove Restaurant (11AM-5PM Thursday to Sunday) and tiny store (9AM-4PM)

The Hyatt Lake Resort has moved a 1/2 mile up the road [it’s now 1.4 miles NW of the PCT]. They still accept hiker resupply packages USP only. Note the new address:
(Hiker Name)
c/o Hyatt Lake Resort
7900 Hyatt Prairie Road
Ashland, OR 97520
Hyatt Lake Resort phone: 541-482-3331
Hyatt Lake Resort website: www.hyattlakeresorts.com

1759.1 Lake of the Woods   You  walk right pass this if you take an alternate route that is spelled out in the Wilderness Press guide book. There is a store, a grill, a restaurant, camping, cabin rental. The alternate route is 2 miles shorter, has some road walking but is pleasant enough. You rejoin the PCT in the Sky Lakes Wilderness.

Lake of the Woods Resort
950 Harriman Route
Klamath falls, Oregon 97601

The resort offers package holding at no cost to visitors hiking the PCT. We have two excellent restaurants and a great bar. The resort also has a well stocked small general store that carries basic supplies and food for those who want to supplement their food stocks. Price are higher than you would pay in a larger store but the convenience of having a well stocked store in the middle of the mountains is worth it for most of our visitors. We have a great selection of imported beers, great burgers, and a Pizza parlor that has very good Pizza

1770.9 Fish Lake Resort 2 mile road walk or hitch off trail.  541-949-8500 Fish Lake Resort [www.fishlakeresort.net] is a hiker friendly resort 2 miles W of the PCT. The resort has a cafe, campground, cabins, laundry, showers, very small store and they accept resupply packages via United Parcel Service only:
(Hiker Name)
c/o Fish Lake Resort,  
State HWY 140, Mile Marker 30, Eagle Point, OR 97524  

I stopped here in September one year.  It was closed because they were working on it,  but they let me buy some stuff from the store and root through the hiker box.    They have a lovely free PCT hiker campsite right next to the water.

1819.2 Crater Lake Mazama Village. 1.3 mile off trail  Phone: 541-594-2255

Trolley to Crater Lake  from Klamath Falls, Oregon.  541-882-1896

If you are going north, turn right at the road and walk until you see a guard rail before a big turn, crawl over it and head straight down the bank into the campground. To leave, take the Annie Spring Trail back up to the PCT. You don’t want to come in where the cars do, because they will try to charge you admission and it’s a longer walk.

There is a good camp store, coin showers, coin laundry, hiker box, campground, cabin rental, and a restaurant. The restaurant no longer has a buffet but I think they have a salad bar at lunch.   The campground in 2014 offered a communal  PCT hiker site for 5 dollars a night.  But the worker told me they may discontinue it because of loud drunk hikers.   I know a hiker who got a 500 dollar citation and his marijuana confiscated by a national park cop while staying at the PCT hiker site.   The showers are free inside the campground but there isn’t much hot water.   For a hot shower use the coin operated ones next to the store.

I resupplied out of the store the last 4 times through.  The store will hold your packages. Open 7am-10pm every day. Your Name, PCT Hiker,Mazama Village Store, (USPS:) P.O. Box 158, (UPS:) Mazama Village, 700 Mazama Village Drive, Crater Lake National Park, OR 97604 Expected arrival date.   Crater Lake—PCT info site.

There is a PO but it’s not on trail and illegal to hitch hike in a National Park–also they say they will only hold your package for 30 days.

1825 Crater Lake Rim Village  Expensive cafeteria food, gift shop, water.  There is also a expensive lodge with a restaurant in it.

Diamond Lake The Wilderness Press guide book has an alternate route that goes right by here. Someday I’m going to take it. I’ve heard there is a good store and a restaurant.
Diamond Lake Resort [www.diamondlake.net] 541-793-3333 800-733-7593
350 Resort Drive
Diamond Lake, Oregon 97731

 1904.1 Shelter Cove 1.4 mile walk check your maps for short cut.  Coin showers, one washing machine for the whole campground, small store, hot dogs,  frozen pizzas heated up, camping—PCT hiker site, hiker box, cabin rental, wifi. Will hold packages–call for instructions 1-800-647-2729  I’ve resupplied out of the store but it’s pretty limited and expensive.  Local: 541-433-2548  Toll-Free: 800-647-2729

address(UPS only) is:
27600 West Odell Lake Rd, Hwy 58
Crescent, OR 97733

"Some hikers take the Oregon Skyline Trail
(OST) alternate. The OST stays about a 1,000
feet lower than the PCT, passes more water
and is shorter, especially for hikers
resupplying at Shelter Cove Resort, which is
a 7.8 mile shorter walk via the OST than the
official PCT.
The OST starts NE of Windigo Pass on
Forest Rd 60 [mile 1875.8]. The trail passes
Crescent Lake with an incredible beach, great
views of Diamond Peak, and a nice free
campground [with running water and
bathrooms]. The trail also passes Diamond
View Lake with good water and excellent
camping."   The alternate is in the Halfmile app. 

1905.4 Willamette Pass Resort It’s only a 1/4 mile down the road–turn left if you are hiking north. They serve pizza, beer, and biscuits and gravy. There is also a very small store. Last time I stopped there (2009) there was only one person running the whole place and it was only open on Saturday and Sunday 9am-8pm. (541) 345-7669   Also looks to be a motel close by http://www.willamettepassinn.com/ (541) 433-2211  Package holding a possibility?

1950.1 Elk Lake Resort

1 or 2 miles off trail but you can take a different trail back up to help mitigate the distance. Showers, camping, laundry, restaurant, tiny store, hiker box, cabin rental. Even though the store and restaurant are expensive, and not well stocked, I have resupplied out of the store my last 3 times through.

Elk Lake Resort–8am-8pm everyday  541-480-7378  jwalsh@elklakeresort.net We accept UPS packages only at the resort. Pls DO NOT send via US Postal Service as we do not have mail service at the resort. We recommend making the package critter proof (mouse/chipmunk) so try using a hard plastic tote or similar packaging.Address to:Elk Lake Resort
Attn: (your name) PCT Hiker
60,000 Century Dr.
Bend, OR 97701
At the bottom of your package, please write your estimated time of arrival.

Looks like you could hitch into Bend from here. Bend is a big town with grocery stores, motels, and an REI (541) 385-0594 that will hold packages for you. You can also hitch to Bend from mile 1989 and 2007. I have never used Bend as a resupply point.

Your Name
c/o REI #96
380 Powerhouse Drive
Bend, Oregon 97702

X Cab–  Outdoor adventure taxi service out of Bend Phone: 800-208-xcab; 541-390-5027 xcabbend@gmail.com

Trail angel Lloyd Gust has died. He recommended you go to Bend instead of Sisters, because Sisters is tourist-y and therefore more expensive.

Here is another angel I heard about in the area: Loyd Miller. 3655 NW Orchard Dr.
Terribonne, OR 97760. 541-325-9929. Available 24/7.

From http://trailangellist.org/pacific-crest-trail/: Brian M Douglass (UberDucky) – Central Oregon Pacific Crest Trail Angel Program. Rides to and from Sisters, Redmond and Bend Oregon from the McKenzie Pass, Elk Lake Resort and Santiam Pass Trail heads. Please email bdouglass2014@centurylink.net or text (541) 213 – 8510 shuttle requests in advance for best service. Covering Angel expenses for fuel is most appreciated due to the mileage involved.

1981.3 Sisters 15 mile hitch.  Walk up to the big stone observatory and get a ride from there. You can also hitch from Santiam Pass at mile 1998.4. See listing under mile 1998.4

Posted on Facebook: Pacific Crest Trail Rides Santiam Pass, Or  Mckenzie Pass, Contact Bitsy bitsy.or@gmail.com

1992.6 Big Lake Youth Camp .07 off trail but you don’t have to back track, you can walk down the road and rejoin the PCT farther on.  Christian vegan kid’s camp. They will hold your package  and let you take a shower and wash your clothes– donation based. Ask to buy a meal ticket if you want to join them in an all you can eat vegan meal. In 2009 they had a sign on the trail that said you could only take a shower at certain times but they let me take one even though it wasn’t shower time. Friendly.  It’s best to mail packages either USPS or UPS, and please note on the package that you’re a PCT hiker and your estimated date of arrival. 

Camp Address (your name) C/0
Big Lake Youth Camp, 13100 Hwy. 20, Sisters, OR, 97759  “Please hold for PCT hiker”  503-850-3583
This is a place I would send a box to because you could skip Sisters. 
After Mid-August only staffed part time; I showed up one day in September and though I didn’t see one person during my stay, there was a sign that said I could still wash my clothes, take a shower and pick up my box.   

1998.4 Sisters 15 mile hitch on Hwy 20. You can also go into Sisters at Mckenzie Pass mile 1981.3

Posted on Facebook: Pacific Crest Trail Rides Santiam Pass, Or  Mckenzie Pass, Contact Bitsy bitsy.or@gmail.com

The Best Western is beautiful, has laundry, Internet, and comes with a great breakfast bar—ask for the manger’s special, in 2008 it was 105 dollars for a beautiful room with a covered deck and a nice breakfast. The motel across from the Best Western is a little cheaper but you don’t get breakfast and there isn’t laundry.

There is a big grocery store with a nice deli across the street from the Best Western. There is also a McDonalds.

I heard there is a hiker/biker site at the city run Creekside Campground for 5 dollars per person and they have showers and restrooms.   Address: 504 S. Locust Street Campground Information Line  (541) 323-5218 or City Hall at(541)549-6022. 

Bus service Eugene to Bend http://pacificcrestbuslines.com/eugene-to-bend/ 

2043.1 Olallie Lake Resort 1/10 mile East

 We will not be accepting drop packages. However the store will be supplied with hiker foods, fuel, and supplies.

2084 Foodmart and Chevron 503-337-2277 CJ’s 1.9 miles NW of the PCT on Hwy 26

2094.5 Mt. Hood Timberline Lodge 503-272-3311 0n trail

There is a great all you can eat breakfast buffet every morning and a wonderful all you can eat lunch. There is also a pizza parlor hidden in the old stone lodge. There is small store that accepts packages for 5 dollars—503-622-0736 – WY’East Store Open 7:00 – 7:00 daily.  Write “Hold for PCT Hiker” on package
(Hiker Name)
c/o Timberline Ski Area
WY’East Store
Timberline, OR 97028.

The store has a few food items and a hiker box. The vending machines have a selection of food like corn nuts and pop tarts.( the machines at the old lodge are cheaper than down at ski resort.) There is a cafeteria down in the ski place that sells stuff like apples, bagels, small packets of cream cheese etc. and there is a hiker box.  It’s only 50 quick miles to Cascade locks; between the vending machines, cafeteria, and the hiker box,  I’ve resupplied out of the lodge 4 times.

To stay at the lodge is super expensive… like 150 dollars for  a grim dorm room (but you can split the cost with a bunch of other hikers) and it’s usually booked solid. I camp right off the trail in the trees very close to the lodge. I’m discrete about it as I’m not sure it’s okay.  I’ve heard there is a free hiker shower in the overflow parking lot that looks like a big port-a-potty.

There is a bus now that runs from Timberline to Sandy 6 times a day for 2.00.   Sandy is a full service town.   Also from Sandy you can take the SAM bus to Gresham for, I think, free.  And then from Gresham you can take the city bus to Portland.

The bus also stops at Government camp, which has laundry, lodging, store, deli, and restaurant.  http://mounthoodinfo.com/

Sea to Summit Mt. ShuttlesWebsite We are available 365 days a year and are willing to assist hikers throughout the Oregon/Washington regions of the Pacific Crest Trail. I will soon update our shuttle and transportation page to include the PCT and some more related info and return the link. Our rates run approximately $40-50 per hour depending on drive time. Please call Sea to Summit at 503-286-9333 or e-mail us with your reservation request!

2144 Cascade Locks  Restaurants, motels, small town grocery store, PO, RV park

In the past you could camp at the RV park for free and take a shower and they would hold packages.  Call first to confirm that its still the case. I heard a rumor you can only pick up M-F  Call to confirm.   Port Marine RV Park 541-374-8619
(Hiker Name)
c/o Port Marine RV Park
PO Box 307
Cascade Locks, OR 97014
Accepts hiker packages via UPS free
(Hiker Name)
c/o Port Marine RV Park
355 WaNaPa St
Cascade Locks, OR 97014

There is a PO 541-374-5026
Hiker Name
c/o General Delivery
Cascade Locks, OR 97014

Cascade Locks Ale House (CLAH)  541-374-9310 Website will hold packages and they have a hiker box 11am -9pm closed Tuesdays:

Fed EX or UPS
PCT hiker (your name)
c/o Cascades Locks Ale House
500 Wanapa St
Cascade Locks Or 97014

USPS: PCT hiker (your name)
C/o Cascade Locks Ale house
P O Box 388
Cascade locks, Or 97014

Joseph D Shelley [AKA Joseph Shelly] is a trail angel in Cascade Locks who accepts hiker resupply  packages.
PCT Hiker (Your Name)
c/o Joseph Shelley, PO Box 31
Cascade Locks, OR 97014-0031
Shrek’s phone: 503-327-9120
Shrek’s email: trailogreshrek@yahoo.com – Halfmile’s trail notes    I emailed this guy once and he never answered–I wouldn’t count on him or send your package there unless you contact him first.

Dial-a-ride to bigger town of Hood River. You can schedule a ride by calling 541-386-4202 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m Greyhound runs from Hood River

You might be able to get new shoes here: Shortt Supply is Hood River’s and the Columbia River Gorge’s most complete road and trail running store.
1414 12th Street, Hood River, OR 97031
(541) 386-5474

Also there is a bus stop on the Washington side of  the bridge that will take you to Fisher Landing where you can catch a bus to Portland.    The Skamania County West End Transit schedule

Stevenson   Albertson, drug store, Econo Lodge,  restaurants, PO (509) 427-5532 M-F 8:30-5pm Closed Sat and Sun

You walk through Stevenson if you take the alternate route in the Wilderness Press guide book. It cuts some miles off of your hike. I’ve taken it once. It’s all a road walk. It goes along the river and parts of it are blessed with a large crop of blackberries. Parts of it are on a narrow winding road with no shoulder; it’s dangerous.

There is a bus that will take you to Vancouver which will drop you off at a station with a bus that will take you to downtown Portland. In Downtown Portland there is an REI(1405 Northwest Johnson St (503) 221-1938) and US Outdoor Store ((503) 223-5937, 219 SW Broadway). There is also a New Balance store and a North Face store.

If you need to wait for the bus in Stevenson you might want to keep hiking and catch it further on in Carson.

The bus goes right past the northern end of the Bridge of the Gods (on trail). You may be able to arrange pickup and drop off, if you call them. 509-427-3990 Skamania County Transit Service Bus service connecting Vancouver WA (near Portland) with the N end of the Bridge of the Gods (near Cascade Locks OR) I have also heard that it is a flagstop ( meaning if you are there waiting for the bus they will stop) call to confirm.

2226.4 Trout Lake–13 mile hitch I have never gone in to this town. Twice I waited 45 minutes at the road, trying to hitch a ride in, but not one car came by so I hiked on. I’ve heard great things about this town and also heard that if you can get in, you will be able to arrange a ride back to the trail. Heard great things about the sleeping room at the the Trout Lake Grocery. Everyone I talked to that got a ride, got it in the afternoon, so if you are planning to go in, I would plan to get to the road in the afternoon rather than the morning.

Transportation back to the trail can be arranged by calling PCTA member Doug Anderson who will even bring you down to town if you pre-arrange a pick-up time at the trailhead at Rd. 23. 509-395-3611. I also heard that there is a list of people willing to take you back to the trail. Check at the Trout Lake Grocery

The Hiker’s Shuttle  I work with hikers from Trout Lake to Snoqualmie Pass. (360) 669-3112 Call or text us if you need information on what services we can help you with.   —Expensive.

Groceries are available at Trout Lake Grocery, 2383 Hwy 141. They specialize in the needs of outdoor activity folks. Sleeping room available. UPS drop and receive services. Washer/Dryer. Internet access. Food/supply drop box. Good source of information about Trout Lake. 509-395-2777.

Your Name)
c/o Trout Lake Grocery
PO Box 132
Trout Lake, WA 98650

Supplies are available at Andy’s Valley Chevron Station at the junction of Mt. Adams Rd. and Hwy 141. Andy and crew will be very helpful in letting you know where the services are in Trout Lake. 509-395-2211.

Food services and restaurants: KJ’s Bear Creek Café with hot meals and cool huckleberry shakes is at the Chevron Station. 509-395-2525.

Heavenly Grounds Espresso, also at the station, for a caffeine kick or a huckleberry smoothie. 509-395-2211.

Time Out Pizza and More, 2995 Hwy 141 across from the Trout Lake Motel. 509-395-2767.

Kelly’s Trout Creek Inn B & B let historic Trout Creek sing you to sleep in a beautifully decorated room of Irish woodsy decor. Breakfast included of course. Discounts for hikers. Possible ride back up to the trail. 25 Mt. Adams Road. www.kellysbnb.com. 509-395-2769.

County Park 1 block behind the Post Office has camping and coin-op showers.

Lodging: Trout Lake Motel ½ mile south of town at 2300 Hwy 141. New units. Competitive rates include breakfast. Coin-op laundry. In-room phones. A ride back up to the trail may also be available if not too busy. www.troutlakemotel.com 509-395-2300.

Post office, 2393 Hwy 141, Trout Lake, WA 98650. . 509-395-2108.

(Your Name)
c/o General Delivery
Trout Lake, WA 98650

Gifford Pinchot National Forest Mt. Adams District Ranger Station is ¼ mile west of the Post Office. Maps, Trail Information, list of overnight accommodations in the valley. Rest Rooms, water. 2455 Hwy. 141. Open 8:00-4:30 7 days a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 509-395-3400

Also heard there is a Buddhist monastery that has some lodging options.  Trout Lake Abbey

2292.4 White Pass .07 mile off trail but if you take the ski lift trail and then head down the road it will take you straight to the store.

It’s a small store but I have resupplied out of it my last 3 trips. They also sell wraps and good coffee. They have a hiker box. Friendly. Washer and dryer. Accepts packages. They sold small fuel canisters in 2012

Your Name Here
c/o White Pass Rural Branch PO
at the Kracker Barrel Store
48851 US Highway 12
Naches, WA 98937 509-672-3105

There are some rooms to rent next door at the very unfriendly Village Inn 509.672.3131. The price varies wildly depending on the mood of the curmudgeon that runs the place. None of the rooms have phones or TV reception but some of the rooms have bathtubs and some have TV’s with video players and movies at the office—some don’t.

At White Pass you can also head down to Packwood where they have a small town store, motels, and a post office. I heard some motels will give rides.

The Hiker’s Shuttle  I work with hikers from Trout Lake to Snoqualmie Pass. (360) 669-3112 Call or text us if you need information on what services we can help you with.

Hotel Packwood
104 Main St, Packwood – (360) 494-5431 affordable

Peters Inn www.peters-inn.com – 13051 US Highway 12, Packwood – (360) 494-4000

Crest Trail Lodgewww.cresttraillodge.com – 12729 US Highway 12, Packwood – (360) 494-4944

Cowlitz River Lodge
www.escapetothemountains.com – 13069 U.S. 12, Packwood – (360) 494-4444

Packwood Inn www.innofpackwood.com – 13032 US Highway 12, Packwood – (360) 494-5500

Tatoosh Motel
12880 Highway 12, Packwood – (360) 494-7379

Packwood Lodging Inc
13807 US Highway 12, Packwood – (360) 494-0500

2390.6 Snoqualmie Pass

Motel, restaurant , two small stores, Deli/coffee place, food truck. I have resupplied out of the stores 4 times. The Chevron station (425) 434-6688 acts sort of like a post office and holds packages.  A lot of hikers have been disgruntled by their package holding service and recommend sending your package to the motel via UPS.

(Your Name)
c/o General Delivery
Snoqualmie Pass, WA 98068
Please hold in the Chevron station for PCT hiker
I heard that one of the little stores at the pass sells fuel canisters.

I have hiked into Snoqualmie Pass 5 times now; 4 times I have been cold, wet, and wanted a room.

From the trail you will see the big red roof of the Summit Lodge. 1-425-434-6300 $79 for a single, $10 for each additional person–talk to Kim or Kerstin for best rate. 30 dollars extra for air-conditioning. Hike straight down the ski slope to the motel. To rejoin the trail, hike down the road till you see the trail on your right.

Motel with friendly people, sauna, hot tub, laundry, internet, will hold boxes  $15 fee unless you are a guest UPS recommended.
C/O Summit Inn hotel
603 State Hwy 906
Snoqualmie Pass WA 98068

The USPS address for maildrop boxes is: Summit Inn Hotel, PO Box 163, Snoqualmie Pass, WA 98068 If you sent a box to the hotel and its not there, try the Chevron Station it was probably delivered there.

There is an alternate, out of Snoqualmie Pass, that Halfmile has on his GPS tracks and maps that will take you to Goldmeyer Hot Springs before rejoining the PCT. I took it in 2012 and much of it was overgrown, rocky, and slow going. Costs 15 dollars to stay. When I got there, they said they were full as they only allow 20 people a day in. So call for reservations 206-789-5631

2461.6  Stevens Pass –on trail    Looks like there may be package holding,  and a restaurant now at Stevens Pass —Tye Creek Lodge. 206.812.4510 I’ve never been there before but I’ll for sure be sending a box to them in the future.
Stevens Pass will be accepting supply packages for thru-hikers
Hikers ship UPS or Fedex or have packages dropped off at  Stevens Pass, Tye Creek Lodge loading dock.  They MUST be shipped or dropped off identified as follows:
 Hiker Name*
C/O Stevens Pass, Through Hiker
93001 NE Stevens Pass Hwy, US 2
Skykomish, WA 98288   Attn: Tye Creek Lodge Loading Dock
ALL packages must be shipped via UPS or FedEx.
· Hikers may pickup packages:
  4 days a week, May 1st through June 20th, Monday-Thursday, 7:30am to 4pm.
7 days a week, June 21st through September 30th, 8am to 5pm.
  4 days a week, October 1st through October 31st, Monday Thursday, 7:30am to 4pm.
· On mountain contacts: 206-812-4510 Ext. 4350 in person pickup during business hours listed above
  Summer/Fall Months ONLY 206-812-7844
  Tom Maher: 206-812-7368 during business hours
· Packages must be in sealed containers/boxes.
· Packages not picked up by November 1st, will be disposed of unless prior arrangements for return are made and are subject to shipping costs and $10 handling fee.

· Day Lodge open 7 days a week during our operating hours. No overnight accommodations available.
· Snack and espresso service available 7 days a week and restaurant open Friday through Sunday.
· Limited retail available.
· WiFi and phone charging available.
· Restrooms available, no showers.

Northwestern Trailways will drop off or pick up (“flag stop”) twice daily at Stevens Pass to take you west to Everett/Seattle or east to Leavenworth/Wenatchee. 1-800-366-3830  Levensworth is 35 east of the trail and is a full service town. http://www.northwesterntrailways.com/

Skykomish, WA 14 mile hitch out of Stevens Pass.

PO 98288 M-F 11:30am – 3:30pm Sat pickup- 8am-10am 360-677-2241, library, restaurant, motel, 2 small stores, one of them with a deli, I heard there is a laundromat now. I resupplied out of the stores my last 5 times through but for now on I’ll be sending a box to Steven’s Pass and avoid having to leave the trail.

The old hotel, Cascadia Inn (360) 677-2030 , 210 Railroad Ave E, Skykomish, WA 98288 rents private rooms some of which don’t have a bathroom. They close around 5pm and if you come later they may not rent you a room. Shared TV room with kitchen and coffee pot. On some days the restaurant doesn’t open till 10am. Sometimes you can pay the hotel staff to do your laundry. They hold packages. The trains go right by here blowing their whistle all night long. I heard that that happens at the Dinnsmore’s as well. I paid 50 dollars + tax for a room with the bathroom down the hall.  They no longer have a dorm room.

Amtrak and Northwestern trailways has a bus stop on Stevens Pass http://www.amtrak.com/servlet/ContentServer?pagename=am/am2Station/Station_Page&code=SSW heads west at 1:55 pm.  Fare from Stevens Pass to Skykomish is 15 dollars/ 29 roundtrip but is only 26 dollars one way to Seattle.  http://www.northwesterntrailways.com/CurrentTimeSchedule/Spokane-Wenatchee-SeattleTacoma2014/tabid/361/Default.aspx

 Dinnsmore’s Hiker Haven 360-677-1237 – House
253-973-3495 Andrea
206-954-2521 Jerry

I’ve never stopped at the Dinnsmore’s.   They are 25 miles from the trail.  According to their website, they have a shower, bathroom, laundry, indoor hiker dorm with bunks, kitchenette, , recent mountain conditions, hiker box, movies.  WIFI on site. No hiker computer. They do not accept packages anymore.  No rides to the trail-head.   No alcohol allowed.

DO NOT address anything to the Dinsmore’s. It will be returned to sender.
63330 NE 197TH PLACE, BARING, WA 98224

2569.4 Stehekin, WA

10 mile shuttle bus ride; Summer schedule (June 12th-Oct 4): 9:15 am, 12:30, 3pm, 6:15pm from High Bridge Cost: 7 dollars.  See link for early and late schedule.

Cabin rental, restaurant,

PO–Stehekin WA 98852–cash only  Mon-Fri 10:00am – 4:00pm  Sat 12:00pm – 2:00pm  509-682-2625

free camping, coin showers, coin laundry, small store, bakery, lodge.  Get a free permit at the visitor center to camp. The ranch had fuel canister for sale in its gear store and wi-fi.

I heard the Lodge will hold packages:  (Hikers name) c/0 Lodge at Stehehikn, PO Box 3 Stehekin, Wa 98852  include ETA.  509-682-4494

If you stay at the ranch, (which is only about a mile or two from the trailhead)  I hear you get great all you can eat meals and that they will accept your package–call to confirm. Prices range from 100-120 dollars a night per person and includes all meals, bedding, towels, and transportation on the bus to the town and trail. For more information and reservations:

Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm 1-800-536-0745
Address P.O. 36
Stehekin, WA 98852
Email ranch@stehekinvalleyranch.com

The ranch has a small gear store and there is some gear for sale at the town store. You can take the bus in the evening to have  a buffet dinner at the ranch and they’ll bring you back.

This was posted on the facebook pct 2016 page: When you get to the Landing: find the payphone located at the A-frame 50 yards from the P.O., contact “The Red Apple Market” in Chelan, place a food order (3:00 p.m. cutoff), your box of food will show up on the next day’s ferry.  (509) 682-4521

It’s a tough resupply but I have done it 3 times. If the store doesn’t have any cheese ask them for it. The bakery said they would sell me cheese if the store didn’t have any. I bought cheese, bagels, sweet rolls, pizza, chips, jerky, Mountain House oatmeal breakfasts, fruit and nut bars, etc. There is a a place near the bakery that sells goat cheese, organic vegetables, fruit and berries, homemade crackers, bread, and honey. It’s called “the Garden” and the bus stops at it.

You can also take the ferry into Chelan where they have motels and a Safeway grocery store with pharmacy. Look in town or on the ferry for motels that will pick you up and drop you off at the ferry landing. I believe, The Apple Inn was the place that picked me up and dropped me off at the ferry landing. It was a nice room and reasonably priced. appleinnmotel.com | 509-682-4044 800-276-3229 | info@appleinnmotel.com

2588.6 Mazama 22.4 miles E. at Hwy 20,  I’ve never visited Mazama. Home to trail angel Ravensong http://ravensongsroost.com/  (206)228-5904, several lodging options, a general store, an outfitter, a gas station, a café, and three restaurants,

Goat’s Beard Mountain Supply is open 9-5 daily and accepts hiker resupply packages:
(Hiker Name)
c/o Goat’s Beard Mountain Supply
50 Lost River Road
Mazama, WA 98833

Phone: (509) 996-2515
Email: cb@goatsbeardmountainsupplies.com
Website: goatsbeardmountainsupplies.com

Bigger town of Winthrop 35 miles E has lodging, groceries, restaurants, hostel http://www.ncascadesmtnhostel.com/   

2619.5 Hart’s Pass According to Facebook: The guard house at Hart’s Pass where you sign the registry, will happily store your food while you tag the border. They leave on Tuesday and come back on Friday. They have an outside storage area to retrieve your food while they are away.     If you are hitching out from Hart’s Pass,  about 1000ft downhill from the guard house is road that gets more traffic. 

From Facebook:  Bert Dodson I offer rides up to the pass as long as the fuel costs are covered.  lone.traverse@gmail.com   360-853-5868   Skype Trail_Angel_Detour
Available for NOBO and SOBO  Coverage from Skykomish Wa to Harts Pass Wa.   I heard Bert will not be available for the 2017 season.

2650.1 (The end.)middle of nowhere. Primitive campground.

2658.9 Manning Park, BC The lodge is expensive but they have a hiker rate, laundry for guests.1.800.330.3321 There is a hostel for 35 dollars a night+tax –no reservations allowed at the hostel. Small store, restaurants. Greyhound stops right in front of the lodge and takes you to Vancouver. Departs 11 am arrives in Vancouver 3:05pm, Departs 1:50 am!? costs 40-53.50 depending when and how you buy your ticket.     I heard you can get a free shower at Manning Park–register at the front desk.

Quick Shuttle Service
800-665-2122. Service from Downtown Vancouver – Vancouver
Airport – Bellingham WA – Downtown Seattle – SeaTac Airport.
2011: one way from Vancouver to SeaTac is $57.
Book online and save 5%.

According to the PCTA: “Winona and Peter Rowat are “trail hosts” in Vancouver, BC Canada. Camp in yard. Anyone over 50 can camp in the basement suite. Get key from upstairs tenants Address: 3375 Ash (18th and Cambie) Vancouver, BC V523E4 Canada”. You can email the Rowat’s at nona@crayfish.ucsd.edu.

Avoiding Canada: I hiked backed to Harts Pass (31 miles) in 2012 and easily hitched to Seattle (Well, it took me 8 hitches but it was easy, it was also Labor Day weekend.) Your best bet getting a ride will be about 100 yards down from the ranger station as there is a popular road coming out there. I have gone through Harts Pass 6 times now and there have always been cars there. There is a rumor though that they may stop maintaining the road which will cut down on traffic, if it happens. The easiest option is to say that the end/beginning  of the trail is Harts Pass.   

I copied this from a trail angel list: Jon Belcher (Gandalf) – We are available to help south bounders with housing and a ride to the Harts Pass.  I can give rides to REI and have many major stores close at hand.  We live in Marysville WA…. a good  spot to organize after coming in to SeaTac airport and are a quick drive to the Amtrak and Greyhound Everett Stations. I require $70 gas money for the trip. If there are two of you in the car you would split the cost. I take a Tahoe so I have room for up to 4 riders. If I only have one rider then I take my Ranger and the gas is a bit less. email: Belcherjd@Juno.com360 659-1182
425 280-7488

From Facebook: 2016 Bert Dodson  I’ll be available again this season to help Hikers in coordination with Andrea Dinsmore To Harts Pass as a TA. I am also considering doing TA work in the area here for the PNT Hikers as well.  PM for contact info.   Bert Dodson
Email: lone.traverse@gmail.com
Trail Angel Detour
Darrington Wa
Skype Trail_Angel_Detour
Available for NOBO and SOBO
Coverage from Skykomish Wa to Harts Pass Wa.

Hourly bus service by TranGO (509) 557-6177 connecting Twisp and Winthrop will begin July 1, providing nine trips a day between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Mondays through Saturdays.  TranGO (Transit for Greater Okanogan) will also offer four trips a day between the Methow Valley and Okanogan and Pateros.
New 20-seat buses will carry passengers up and down the valley with several stops along the way,   Stops include Hank’s Harvest Foods, the intersection of Methow Street and Second Avenue, and Blue Star Coffee Roasters in Twisp; and the Evergreen IGA, the intersection of Corral Street and Lufkin Lane, and the Winthrop Barn in Winthrop.   Service between Twisp and Pateros and Twisp and Okanogan will begin at 8 a.m. with trips every two to three hours.
Fares will be $1 per boarding. TranGO will also offer monthly passes or $10 denomination passes.
One option of getting to the trail from the east side of the Cascades is to catch the bus in Seattle…..get your ticket to Wenatchee…..then switch to the Apple Line in Wenatchee terminal to Patros….then catch the bus to Winthrop. Makes the hitch to Rainy Pass a lot simpler.

From PCTA’s site:—Getting to and from the northern terminus

The official northern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail is on the US/Canada border next to Manning Park. Unfortunately, it is illegal to enter the United States from Manning Park via the PCT. To reach the terminus for a southbound hike, you have to start on the US side of the border. If you’re ending your hike and you must obtain proper permission to enter Canada. The best option for traveling away from Manning Park is via private vehicle or Greyhound.

On the U.S. side, we recommend accessing the terminus from:

  • Harts Pass (accessed via a good quality dirt road) then hike north for ~30 miles. This is the best option.
  • Rainy Pass (hwy 2) then hike north for ~60 miles.
  • Ross Lake provides access to the PCT via long, but beautiful connector trails. A boat shuttle runs up Ross Lake and can shorten the hike along the Pacific Northwest Trail. Contact local agencies for conditions reports.
    • Hike the Pacific Northwest Trail/Devil’s Dome Trail to the PCT at Holman Pass. It is 36.5 miles from Ross Dam to the PCT. This is the recommended option.
    • The Lightning Creek Trail to Boundary Trail to the PCT at Castle Pass has not been maintained in many years. Reports indicate thick brush and serious blow down issues.

Easiest solutions

Greatest use of public transit

From the West:

  • From Seattle or Vancouver, take Amtrak or Greyhound to the Skagit Station in Mt. Vernon, WA. From Mt. Vernon, take Skagit Transit bus route 8 or 717 to Concrete (no Sunday service). From Concrete, WA either:
  1. Hitchhike (read the laws) to Ross Lake and hike the Pacific Northwest Trail to the PCT or take the boat shuttle to Devil’s Junction and hike the Pacific Northwest Trail to the PCT. (1 hour drive from Concrete to Ross Lake)
  2. Hitchhike to Rainy Pass and walk north. (1.5 hour drive)
  3. Hitchhike to Mazama, WA and then hitchhike to Harts Pass. (2 hour drive from Concrete to Mazama)

From the East:

  • Option #1: Amtrak (or Greyhound?) to Wenatchee and then hire a shuttle service to drive you to Harts Pass. You can also take Link Transit (based around Wenatchee) as far north as Chelan and then hitchhike to Harts Pass. (1.5 hour drive from Chelan to Mazama)
  • Option #2: Take Northwestern Trailways from Wenatchee (or Seattle, etc) to Okanogan, then hitch or hire a shuttle to Harts Pass.

Useful links

(From the PCT-L ) There are several backtracking options, all of which involve reaching Monument 78 and heading back south through the Pasayten. They are as follows:

1. Turn around and head south to Castle Pass (4 miles) and head west on Trail 749 which is known as the Boundary Trail. Check with the Okanogan-Wenatchee Forest Service Ranger for updates on trail closure; anyway, this trail heads west until you reach Ross Lake, which has been dammed by Ross Dam and is part of Ross Lake Recreation Area. There is a great little resort with floating cabins called Ross Lake Resort (www.rosslakeresort.com) that gives water taxi rides to their resort on the southwest side of the lake. There is a fee for this; look it up on the website. When I thru-hiked the Pacific Northwest Trail in 2009, we lucked into a cabin being available (usually sold out through the summer). We arrived at 5:00, the owners came by and knocked at our door at 6 and invited us to eat with the resort crew, on the house. The meal: filet mignon, corn on the cob, deluxe baked potatoes, you name it…and a lot of beer and margaritas. I haven’t been rejected into Canada, but my wife and I are strongly considering this option anyway this year. If you don’t want the water taxi, you can choose to walk south along the east side of the lake until you reach Washington State Highway 20.

2. Turn around and head south beyond Castle Pass to Holman Pass (17 miles) and head west on Trail 752 (Devil’s Ridge Trail). This trail also heads west to Ross Lake. Once at the lake, you have the water taxi option or you can hike south to Highway 20.

Joker (2010): Instead of going into Canada, I recommend hiking back to Hart’s Pass. Easy hitch to
Sedro-Woolley where you can easily catch a bus to Seattle. Often easy hitch to Seattle, too. For two years I have hiked back to Hart’s Pass and hitched to both Seattle (south on I-5) and Bellingham (north on I-5) in two or less hitches. Hart’s Pass is a very popular Pasayten access trailhead. No bus ride, no border stuff, etc. Cheap! I got to Seattle in the same time it took someone who went to Manning.

Another option is to hike back to Rainy Pass and hitch in there and another would be to hike all the way back to Stehekin and take the ferry to Chelan where there is a cheap bus(1-3 dollars?) that will take you to Wenatchee where you can catch a Greyhound or a plane.

Links to other online town guides:

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Send updates and corrections to pct@asthecrowflies.org