On the CDT

I finally made it to the CDT. I have spent the first two weeks sick and lost most of the time. I’m really happy to have a GPS and wouldn’t want to do this trail without one.

The solitude and quiet on this trail have been great. It’s like having the whole world to my self. I’m hiking slow and not at all worried about finishing. What I don’t get this year I will get another year. I’m just enjoying the “trail”. I say “trail” cause it’s not really a trail like the PCT and the AT are. You just sort pick a route, try to follow it and if you get lost just pick a direction and follow that.

I might start hiking south after the snow melts because I’m having a really hard time following Jim Wolfs’ guides going north.

The water is the worst I have ever drank. Green stagnate cow troughs with feathers and bugs floating in it. The water is thick like there is a lot of saliva in it.

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