Yoga class for recluses

cabin-133.jpgI first heard about Richard Hittleman’s Yoga: 28 Day Exercise Plan from Ray Jardine in Beyond Backpacking. He said that it was one of the things he did to prepare for a long hike. It’s not just a twenty eight day course, it’s a life long yoga program that will make you strong, flexable and healthy. The book is horribly dated; it’s from the seventies, but I can overlook that.

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One thought on “Yoga class for recluses”

  1. I also first read about this Yoga book from Ray in BB, but never paid it much attention. At your recent recommendation, last week I picked up an old copy and decided to give it a go. Four days into it, I can say that I
    a) am enjoying it
    b) notice a difference in my flexibility
    c) feel really good.

    Thanks for the tip.

    My wife and I are going through it together in prep for next summer’s AT hike. The tidbits you throw from your trail experiences are helpful and interesting.

    Have a warm holiday!

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