My current tent is a Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo. It weighs 23 oz (652 grams) with thecabin-281.jpg light weight floor option. You can use a trekking pole with it or buy the optional 1.8 oz ( 51grams) pole. It sets up fast, and offers a lot of room- enough for 2 in an emergency. Things I look for in a tent: covered porch so I can lay in my bag and cook dinner out of the rain, fast set up, full bug protection, and light weight. This tent offers all of these things. Mesh comes up the sides so that even though it is a single wall tent , places where youcabin-282-1.jpg might touch the walls are double wall. It comes in gray and green. Grey is the best color, I think, for not being seen.

It comes unseamed sealed. To seam seal your tent, go to the hardware store and buy some mineral spirits , some clear silicone caulking, and a cheap brush. Mix the silicon caulking and the mineral sprits in a small can and paint on the seams.cabin-311-1.jpg

It takes 6 stakes, I bought orange titanium stakes from All six stakes, together, weigh 1.30 ounces (37 grams) Don’t buy stakes that aren’t a bright color they are just too easy to lose. I carefully count them as I pull them out and put them in a pocket in my pack.

All totaled tent+ seam sealing+ stakes+ pole+ stuff sack= 27ounces (765 grams)

I open my umbrella in it to poof out the back wall a little more.

For wiping the walls of a tent which on some days can become wet I carry a small viscose camp towel which is sort of like a very thin sponge; it works a lot better than a bandanna and of course doubles as a towel.

Six Moon Designs has other other lightweight shelter options, also you might want to check out Henry Shires Tarp Tents.

For world travel I also bring a Long Road Travel Tent. I have found lots of wonderful places (and some not so wonderful) to stay at that were really cheap but they mighttraveltent.JPG have huge cockroaches or rats in them and I can’t sleep when surrounded by huge cockroaches and rats. Cockroaches and rats don’t hurt you but ticks, lice, mosquitoes, and spiders can kill you. This travel tent is free standing and fits on a single sized bed. It has a breathable nylon floor that extends up the sides so nothing can bite you where you might touch the sides. I can stay anywhere with this tent, just zip myself up and rest easy. It weighs 1.9 lbs (.86 kg)

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