Snowy and cold

cabin-372.jpg A lot of snow fell yesterday. Today, I put on my snow shoes to go for my walk. It was 8 degrees F (-13 C) when I went on my walk, now it’s 4 degrees (-15C) and I presume it will get colder tonight. I didn’t know it could snow when it got this cold but it’s still coming down.

When I go walking in the snow I wear running shoes because they let my feet move and so they stay warm. I was reading The Prairie Traveler: The 1859 Handbook for Westbound Pioneers and they recommended wearing moccasins in the snow for cabin-393-1.jpgthe same reasons. In an old Boy Scouts manual they also recommended wearing shoes that let your feet move as the key to keeping them warm in the snow. Boots hold your feet stiffly so your feet get a lot colder. My snow shoes are called Northern Lite Elite Snowshoes. They are very light (36 oz per pair 1kg ) and you can run in them.

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