cabin-546.jpgBecause half of a bandana cut diagonally will do every thing a whole bandana does, I cut my bandana in two. I, however, end up bringing both halfs because I have incompatible uses for them. I cut or make a button hole in one end so that I can loop it to the outside of my pack, or around my neck. This system works a lot better than tying it on. I haven’t lost a bandana since getting thecabin-545.jpg button hole put in it. If you don’t hem it, it will get pretty ratty looking.

And because a bandana makes a lousy wash cloth and a terry wash cloth makes a lousy bandana, I cut a small light terry wash cloth diagonally, and put a button hole in it too.

Note: I don’t like the look of the standard bandanna, so I made my own out of a scarf.

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