How to hitchhike

cabin-587-1.jpg1.If you carry hiking poles, collapse them and put them away. Make sure they won’t scratch or poke a hole in the car’s upholstery.

2. Tighten all your compression straps on your pack to make you pack look as small and tidy as possible.

3. Stand in an area that has a space big enough for your ride to pull over, safely.

4. Push up the brim of your hat and take off your sunglasses, so people can see your eyes.

5. Stand up straight, smile and look the driver in the eyes.

6 Don’t just stick out your thumb, actually thumb a ride over. Read the book or watch the movie “Even Cow Girls get the Blues? to get inspired.

7. When you get the ride, thank them for stopping, introduce your self and tell the person about your trip. This serves as a way to start humanizing your self. Ask the person if they are from around there, if they are, compliment the area that you are in. Be polite, entertaining and upbeat.

9. Don’t ever give up control. Emit an aura of direction and authority over your life. If you feel creepy about a ride grab the door knob and say “thanks for the ride. This is where I get off.? I like to keep my pack in my lap. Most people who pick up hikers are the very nicest of people.

8. When your ride drops you off, thank them profusely, and say, (if you have enough money), ‘I would like to contribute some money for gas? and hand them 2-5 dollars; ninety percent of the time they won’t take it.

Note: It’s much easier to get a ride when hitch-hiking alone.

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