cabin-609.jpgMy skis came today. They came to my neighbors house, two miles away. I put them on and started to ski home. It was all uphill so it was pretty slow going. Soon it was almost dark so I took them off, strapped them to my backpack and hurried home. The skis are really short and fat. They have skins glued to the bottom of them and metal edges. You don’t need boots; I wore my running shoes with them.

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  1. So, after having these skis all winter, how do you like them? Do they glide well on flats or downhill, or do those built-in skins slow you down quite a bit? Would you buy them again, or go with traditional backcountry skis?
    Thanks for a great blog…

  2. I haven’t really used them that much but they do glide well. I only use them when there is new powder because I’m scared of careening out of control. I would buy them again, they are a lot more fun to me then regular long skis but then I don’t ski very well. Lots of new powder fell last night maybe I will ski down to the little store this morning.


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