Mornings on the trail

cabin-808.jpgI love mornings. I’m usually awake by 5am, and love getting an early start but I also enjoy drinking hot beverages and appreciating the morning. This is my usual morning routine, on the trail.

From the comfort of my sleeping bag, I reach out of my tent, start my stove and heat up water to make a 16 oz nalgene bottlecabin-802.jpg full of instant coffee. I put the bottle in my bag to warm me up while I eat my breakfast. Breakfast is usually cereal, nuts and powder milk mixed with water.

After I eat, I drink my coffee and enjoy the morning. Then I heat more water and make green tea in my nalgene bottle. While I drink that I look over the guide book pages for the day. Then using the same tea bag I make another nalgene bottle full of tea. When I finish that, I wash my face with the warm tea bag, and stow it in an outside mesh pocket of my pack until it is dry and can go in my ziplock garbage sack.

Then I leave the comfort of my bag, pack up (I can pack up in 2-4 minutes), and go. This way I start the day hydrated and with little or no water that I have to carry.

Note: If the days are blistering hot, the cool mornings can’t be wasted on sleeping, beverages, or breakfast. On those days, I pack up, grab a meal bar, and hike on.

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