Snow Levels on the CDT and the PCT for 2007

Before hiking the PCT, I watched the snow levels, as too much snow in the Sierras would make for a more difficult hike. So far, things look good for both a northbound PCT(Pacific Crest Trail) hike or a CDT (Continental Divide Trail) hike. (Although NM looks really dry) Snow levels for the PCT and CDT 2007. To see the snowpack for other months and years go to:

I also found this site that has a a really good graph of the snow levels for PCT or the CDT

I sort of had other plans for this summer like building a cob cottage or selling my BC property but as the winter wears on and I tire of domestic life, I’m more attracted to a hike. The cabin I’m living in is fine for now and I don’t need to sell my BC property and it’s not every year the snow levels are this low…….

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