Soothing the reptilian brain.

reptilian brain in a bunchI met a guy who told me his theory that people have a part of their brain that is only interested in survival and until this part is appeased it’s just not going to let you have any fun or let you think clearly about anything else. So, when you stop for the night it’s important to set up your tent and say, “Look, here is your home for the night?; take out something to eat and give yourself some water.

It’s why when you have company over you can make them happier if you show them where they will be sleeping that night and where everything is. Show them that there is food, water and a place to sleep.

My personal observations are that this is true. People start getting weird when they don’t know where they will be sleeping or if they are going to be fed.

I also remember Jardine saying something like this in his book. He said that if you don’t feed yourself well on the trail, if you don’t keep yourself hydrated, that the part of you that is only interested in survival will find a way to get you off the trail and back to town where food and water is more reliable.

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