Life back at the cabin.

It froze last night; time to get serious about getting some wood in. My chainsaw won’t start; I’m not so sad about it because I’m thinking about buying wood this year.

Today, on my walk back to my cabin, I met a vehicle with a drunk guy and a teenager in it. The vehicle didn’t have a windshield and had a bale of hay in the back. He was lost and asked directions. He was trying to clutch start his vehicle so he was stopped there, I walked a little ways and saw a beer can lying on the ground. I called back at him, “Hey, is this your beer can?” The kid shrugged and the drunk guy said, “Ahh, yeah maybe it fell out”. When I got up to my gate I saw someone had drove right through my fence and there was another Bush can sitting there.

Hunters I suspect. They drive all over the place like they have some right to. They throw out a bale of hay, get drunk and wait for a deer to come eat the hay and then shoot it. When they leave they toss their beer cans out their windows.

I got a sledge hammer and was trying to straighten the metal fence pole and get the fence back up when this little dog came walking up to me. My nearest neighbors are a mile away and they don’t have a dog. I carried the dog up to my cabin and gave it some water outside. Then I went inside and called my neighbor to see if they knew anyone with a little dog. They didn’t.

When I went back outside, the dog was gone. I went back down to my gate to work on it. A pickup drove past me with two guys with camouflage caps on; I said, “I don’t want hunting on my land if that is why you are coming up here.” They said, “No problem”

lost dog


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