Yes, we have no logos.

I hate logos on my gear. I am not a walking billboard. The affixing of brand-names and logos on the outside of gear has got to stop. North Face will be first against the wall when the no-logos revolution begins.

Until then, I dream of making my own logo-free gear. I could make it just the way I want it. I haven’t sewed on a machine since 7th grade home ec class and I don’t own a machine, but that doesn’t keep me from dreaming.

I found a couple of good sites that sell fabrics and patterns for gear.

And while I dream of making my own gear it’s equally important to dream of a place to travel with it. At I can plan my “around the world hiking extravaganza!”

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4 thoughts on “Yes, we have no logos.”

  1. I work at a Farmers Market and I see a lot of people every week dressed in their outergear. I swear that just about EVERYBODY has a North Face jacket! Them and the Columbia people have their logos all over the place. It is insane!
    I do have a North Face jacket but it’s an older one (20 yrs old) that predates the logo mania so there is no logo on it except for the inside tag. I try to cover the logos on my packs and bags using a Sharpie of a similar color.

  2. Hey Natalie,

    I also use sharpies to cover logos. Another tool I have found particularly good is a seam ripper. I use it to rip off the patches that have logos and names on them. I haven’t figured out how to remove the ones that are embroidered on though.

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