Life at the cabin

We have about 2 feet(.60 meters) of snow here. Yesterday it got down to 5 degrees F (-15 C), but now things are warming up. I was hoping for a, “Oh no, I hope I don’t die” kind of winter. So far things have been too comfortable for my comfort.

I had a little dog stay with me last weekend. She was really sensitive to cold, so she wasn’t much of a walking companion, but she did show an astute appreciation for 800 fill down during the night. She belongs to the neighbor that asked me to house sit. I told him I didn’t want to house sit, but I would take care of his dog at my cabin while he was away. I think the dog will be coming again next week.

I asked the library to mail me some exercise videos. The other night, I was exercising away in my small cabin, to a woman that was so cheerful she seemed to be a satire of an exercise instructor, when–“bang!”– I backed in to the large pot I keep on the wood stove and 8 gallons of hot water soaked my cabin. The pot is now dented and the lid doesn’t fit on it anymore.

Too many Netflix videos and copious hours on the internet have pushed me over the line of being an observer to being a participant. Society is entertaining and interesting but I don’t want to be part of it; I just want to be amused by it. Good thing my solar system is starting to fail; I spend too much time with this laptop.

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6 thoughts on “Life at the cabin”

  1. Your blog is great! I’m at work on lunch so I can’t really read everything, but it sounds like you lead a wildly unique and interesting life. I haven’t gotten the cabin situation figured out yet. Do you live in one cabin in BC or do you live in a cabin someplace else and also have a cabin in BC? Don’t answer, I’ll read more and figure it out. Also, I hope your solar system doesn’t fail.

  2. Hello – I am now a committed fan of your blog! Really enjoy reading it, find it very inspirational and funny.
    I am in Toronto, Ontario – perhaps one day I’ll find a cabin myself.
    (P.S. have lost my comment twice now, I am guessing the ‘captcha’ image above is case-sensitive?)

  3. Same here. This is a great blog whomever you are.
    The coffee in the Nalgene entry was great!
    You photos look good as well.
    Anyway, I’ll be a regular reader from here on.
    We’re getting ready for a rock climbing & camping trip to Joshua Tree so bye for now.
    Cheers and happy new year,

  4. Hey Crow,

    Just stopping by to say hi. Sorry to hear about your solar system. Hope it turns out to be mendable. You know, after reading your story about the dog, I sensed that you kind of wanted one to stay with you for a longer time than a weekend. Aren’t dogs awesome?


    P.S. have you ever hiked in MO or AR?

  5. Hey,

    Dogs are okay for a visit but I wouldn’t want one on a permanent basis. I don’t have an appreciation of pack animals; when I see hikers walking in packs, inside, I sneer.

    Pets are also prosperity suckers and they tie you down so you can’t ever take any cool trips.

    The dog comes back today and is staying for 10 days this time. I tried to teach it to smile and say “Hello”, last time to limited success. This time I’m going for more traditional tricks.

    I have never hiked in MO or AR.


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