Show me the land and I’ll show you the people.

I met a guy at the Gila Cliff Dwellings who had a theory that it is the land and the climate that shape the inhabitants. He said, for instance, people that live in Seattle, now, are like the natives who lived there–introspective and interested in art and culture, because they can’t be more involved in the outer world because of all the rain. Put anyone in a different land and climate and they will begin to change and resemble the people who live there.

He said to understand who inhabited the Cliff Dwellings you would only need to live in the area and hangout at the dwellings, because you would essentially become them.

This worries me, as if it is true, it won’t be long before I’m packing a gun, reading the American Free Press, getting the truth from the Art Bell show, and hanging up a “No government official has the right to come on my property and I have the right to bear arms” sign.

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3 thoughts on “Show me the land and I’ll show you the people.”

  1. The rain? Oh, c’mon, Crow. In all my travels and studies I’ve come to the same conclusion: native peoples regardless of terrain and climate were always doing the same thing and that’s looking for food and trying to survive.
    Yes, beautiful elements of their cultural and artistic efforts remain but they did that instead of going to Starbucks and redefining rock music like many do in Seattle.
    Anyway, it sounds like the only thing you may be resembling anytime soon is a cute little black schnauzer terrier.

  2. Crow,

    I think there’s a little truth to “show me the land and I’ll show you the people,” but only a little. Sometimes people conform in ways they perceive as harmless just to fit in better. However, what *you* perceive as harmless isn’t the next person’s harmless. So I don’t think you’ll be posting those signs or packing that gun anytime soon. Perhaps for you harmless will mean enjoying a different style of food, the local festivals or whatever. Enjoy!

    Carolyn H.

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