Cold (I think)

iced windowI think it’s cold here. I’m not sure because my digital thermometer quite recording outside temperature and I haven’t got around to finding the manual to reset it. The woman at the little store said it was -17F (-27C) a few days ago.

This morning seemed cold because I couldn’t raise the temperature of the cabin past 45F(7C) and all the windows were iced over. I put the thermometer outside to see how cold it was, but after it was outside for awhile, it quite registering numbers…just figures that looked like L’s. I brought the thermometer back inside and now it doesn’t work at all. It’s just a blank screen.

The little dog is back with it’s owners. She is smarter and stronger from her visit with me.

My batteries for my solar system are failing fast. I don’t care. I think I would be able to use my laptop as long as the sun shines and when it doesn’t, I could still use it if I started the Honda generator, so no big deal.

When I got my solar system and I looked at all the ugly wires, batteries, and generator, I told the solar guy, “You see that little spinning pinwheel you have attached to the solar panel outside? That’s what I want my solar system to be like.”

Update: This just in from tecno-wizard Laen Finehack. LCD screens can be destroyed by below freezing temperatures of -4F( -20C). So if ever you’re thinking, “I bet it’s really cold outside. Let me put my digital thermometer outside and see.? Don’t.  That includes your watch that tells the temperature.

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