My life–the update.

My failing solar batteries haven’t limited my computer use by as much as I would have wanted; there has been sun most days.  I may have to instigate rules to limit my computer use.

I’m thinking of going to town soon–maybe in a few days.    I’m out of my favorite foods: oatmeal, brown rice, garlic,  canned pineapple and apples.   Lots of beans left, though.  I don’t know why I buy beans.   Seems like a good food to have in ones cabin but I rarely eat them.

All I think about, is being back on the trail.   The trail is a long way off but I can’t seem to commit to this winter.

There is a mountain lion hanging around.  I have only seen it’s prints but my neighbor said that he saw it.   When he saw me on the road, he said, “You better get you some pepper spray.”

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