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My benevolent son bought me this Wilderness Medicine book. I’ve wanted it for a long time but didn’t want to part with the money. I have the field guide by the same author but this book has a lot more detail, better pictures and more information. It’s a great book for people who might want to form a plan for when they get hurt in the wilderness besides lay in the dirt and mewl for helpClosing up a gaping head wound.

It has lots of ways to improvise first aid treatment. For instance, this nifty way to close a gaping head wound.

Wilderness medicine

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  1. One of my sons had a nasty cut on his achilles tendon. He put a band-aid on it and it worked fine as long as he did not put any weight on that foot. After a couple of days of the cut continuing to bleed, he sealed it with Super Glue. It never came apart again and healed up fine. So, a little tube of Super Glue might be good for the first aid kit.

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