My beautiful resupply plan.

My resupply strategy for my upcoming PCT(Pacific Crest Trail) hike is stellar. I won’t need anyone to mail me anything, or anyone to mail things home to, there will be only 3 post office stops to make, and everything is lined out so there will be no headaches in town. Since this beautiful system includes going to 3 stops that I have never made before and includes the sketchy Echo Lake post office, I should probably wait to post it till after it has been tested.

It’s pretty much an organized version of last years resupply plan: throw everything into one big box and keep mailing it on.

Now I have to find a big box.

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8 thoughts on “My beautiful resupply plan.”

  1. >>Now I have to find a big box.

    Either Crow eats like, well, a bird, or this box must be HUGE! 🙂 (Or is it just an “augmentation” box??)

    Enjoy your hike…

  2. Oh yeah, I buy all my food from the stores along the way. It’s easier that way.

    In my box is just the guide books, ice ax, bear canister, my embarrassing large supply of nutritional supplements, socks, shoes, pain relievers, water treatment, stuff like that.

    It’s hard to find a box big enough for the ice ax. Last year every time I picked up my box the ice ax had gouged a new hole in the box.

  3. Buying things along the way is much easier than shipping it but there are still hazards, notably lack of selection as you likely won’t be stopping at big stores, but the mom and pop’s that also sell fishing equipment. And even those likely will require leaving the trail to reach. I sure hope it works well and easily for you.

    Carolyn H.

  4. There are food buying opportunities at every place there are shipping opportunities. Your food selection is actually better because you are forced to vary your diet more and buy things that you wouldn’t have normally thought to ship to yourself.

    Also, I tend to go with a lot of fresh food–cheese, fruit, meat, tortillas stuff that I couldn’t ship to myself. By packing fresh food, town doesn’t doesn’t glimmer as bright which is a good thing and keeps me on the trail.

    The town guide sometimes says, “small store and restaurant–you can not resupply here!” Anyone who can’t find enough good food between a restaurant and small store to get them down the trail is not trying very hard.

  5. I’m planning to do my hike (Border north to Ashland) with only 6 possible food drops. I have one extra, so it might actually be only 5. I’m going to try to do it like you and be open-minded about the food in the small stores along the way.

    Echo Lake was going to be one of my shopping spots. Is the shopping there bad? Perhaps I can send my extra box of food there.

  6. Echo Lake is great for food. There is lots of fresh fruit and nice sandwiches with avocado on them. The store is very good and easy to resupply from.

    The post office, however, is awful. The told me they didn’t have my box. Other hikers told me to keep bothering them and sure enough 10 minutes before they closed they gave me my box. That’s what I’m worried about. In my one big box is everything for my trip. If they don’t give it to me, it will make things more difficult. I plan to boldly decorate my box so that they can’t miss it.

    It wasn’t just me…. they were messing with everyone. Like one guy skipped around Echo Lake because of the fires and when he called them and asked them to forward his box they told him no, because he could be a terrorist.

    On another hikers package they read the return name which was the hiker’s father. The hiker said, “That is my box” and they said, “Well we will give it to you if you have your father’s ID.”

    It is the worst post office on the whole PCT but it’s right on the trail and it comes at a time when I would like to ditch my ice ax and bear canister so I’m going to give it another try.

    Have a great hike. Hope to meet you out there. When do you leave?

  7. I drive down April 30 (tomorrow!). A short hike from Campo to the border and back and then off I go for real on May 1. My red and lumpy pack weighs a ton so no doubt you’ll fly by me eventually.

  8. Woo hoo! Everyone is heading out for their summer hikes and here I sit. It’s hard to take.

    I doubt I will fly by anyone. Usually I pass people while they are sleeping or soaking up a town stop.

    Hike on,

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