My big independent resupply box

My resupply box.This is my resupply box. It took me a trip into town and all day with a tape measurer to find it. My ice ax just fits in it. Even if I had Photoshop, I don’t think I would put a big sunburst coming off of it, but I guess it will do. In the picture it looks pretty good. After I took the picture, I wrapped more cardboard around it so the ice ax won’t punch a hole in it. I used tape and wood glue. Now it looks like a big mess that is going to be caught up in the automated machine at the post office.

I have made big signs with my name and brightly colored dots on them to decorate each side. I did that so that at the post office I can say, “It’s the big box with my name and big colored dots on it” and they can quickly find it.

Once I used a plastic bin to mail my maps and stuff I needed for a trail. I think the post office thought it looked suspicious because it disappeared and I didn’t get it until my trip was done.

My dream box is a plastic or waxed corrugated box with a lid that fits all the way over it so that it’s doubled. I would make it a couple inches too big so that my ice ax could be seated in foam to keep it from gouging my box. When I wasn’t off hiking, the box could be used to store my gear in.

Maybe that is too big of a dream for this year but I did find a a place on the internet called that makes boxes like this. I wrote away for an estimate.

Update: got back to me with a quote. The price for 1 of a double cover box in a coroplast material with the dimensions 26 x 12 x 14 is $37.58 plus shipping. That sounds like a nice box but I think I will use the box I have for this year and continue to think about my options for my permanent  resupply/gear box.

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3 thoughts on “My big independent resupply box”

  1. You should look into getting a fish box. They’re waxed corrugated with a lid that fits all the way over it. They’re usually $5-10, probably cheaper than a custom box, and also large enough for an ice ax. I’m not sure where you might find one local, I just know they’re in every grocery store in Anchorage come fishing season. Good luck.

  2. Thanks. I’ll keep an eye out for one of those. I always thought of a box as something that is easy to find like a rock. But now I’m realizing, a good box is hard to come by.

  3. Clarke Green of Scoutmaster says: sells Corrugated Polypropylene Cartons 26″ x 18″ x 16″ for $18.53

    Our scout troop uses Rubbermaid Actionpackers (sturdy, lockable) to store and transport gear. I wouldn’t think twice about shipping one of these (or dropping them off a cliff for that matter) Get a couple of cheap combination luggage locks and you are in business. 26.5 by 19.3 by 17.4 inches Amazon sells them for $27.99 (free shipping!)

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