Giardia meds

Stewart Anderson, MD of The Thru-Hikers Medical Guide fame, recommends carrying, “Flagyl OR Tinidazole for chronic diarrhea (Giardia)–(Tinidazole is only one time dosing, so I prefer it)”    So, I thought I’d  carry Tinidazole instead of metronidazole(flagyl) this trip. 

I wish I had known that (1) it is really hard to find a pharmacy that has Tinidazole.  And (2) Tinidazole is expensive–30 dollars for one dose from Wallgreens– were as Metrondidazole(flagyl) is only 4 dollars at Wallmart.   

So if you are going to get Tinidazole be sure and order it well in advance, so it will be there before your trip.   Walmart said that they would order it and it would be about 1/2 the price of Wallgreens, but I need to get hiking, so I bought it from Wallgreens.   

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