My welcome back.

Hey, I’m back from my hike.  There was 150 miles missed because of fire closures and another 112 miles in Oregon missed because of the “MUST HAVE CRAMPONS!” sign but I think I’m done with the trail for this year.  I’m sure I will be back another year. 

My sister and brother-in-law came and picked us up at Manning Park.   At the border crossing in Osoyoos, I handed the border guard my passport and my “permission to enter Canada through the PCT” papers.  

 He said, “Where did you cross at?” 

I said, “Monument 78”

Then he said, “That is not a legal crossing and do you realize, ma’am, that we could arrest you because you didn’t have permission to leave the country?”  

He took all of our passports and made us pull over to the side and come in.   Then after he couldn’t get any of the other people excited about it.  He said, “We have copies of all of your passports and the vehicle information, right here.”  

He said, “I’m not sure about the rules here but I’m going to look into this.   My name is Sutton if you want to find out what I find out.”

Do you see why I just want to hike and live in remote places away from the Suttons of the world?

The hiker that was missing came into Stehekin.   He was tired and had a wet bag but was fine.   He had a story of taking some wrong turns but ended up at trail workers camp.   It was a tale similar to “Goldie Locks and the three bears” except it was “Silver Locks and the Three Trail workers.”   It was great to see him alive and well.

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7 thoughts on “My welcome back.”

  1. Those Suttons of the world wearing that heavy badge really steam me up. They couldn’t get a job in the real world so the government took them in. Power trip I tell ya.

  2. Congratulations on completing your hike! I know what you mean wanting to be away from the Suttons of the world.

    I only did 1500 miles of the trail. I hope to try again some day.

  3. Glad you had a good – safe hike. Sorry to hear about border crossing, but don’t let it tarnish the memory of the experience.

  4. I shall miss looking for your daily exploits. You really had me worried when you disappeared for a few days only to find out your phone was dropped in the lake. I was ready to send in search and rescue. Perhaps you will be open to walking the Arizona Trail one of these times and I can hike some with you.

  5. Christophe: Thanks for sharing my outrage with me.

    Diane: Thanks and congrats on your hike as well. Maybe we will meet on the PCT another year.

    Carolyn: Thanks. I’m already starting to get the reentry blues.

    Mark: Sounds good–I’ll look for you on the Arizona Trail one of these days.

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