Most essential tool for fixing propane appliances

can of airIf you have propane appliances, you should own a can of air. With a can of air you will be able to fix a non-working propane appliance 99% of the time.

In my BC cabin I have a propane refrigerator, propane stove, and a propane hot-water-on-demand water heater.   In my Washington cabin I have  a propane Mr. Heater and a propane cooker.

Besides my propane cooker everyone of my propane appliances have quit working and was fixed by just blowing the dust, spider webs, and food out of it with a can of air.

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  1. Did you decide to keep the B.C.cabin or were you just unable to find a buyer in this economy? On gas burners, the area around the orifice (looks like a rivet with a super tiny hole through it) seems to be very attractive to small spiders. Usually, a blast or two of air in this area will get the burner working. If you start with the orifice you might avoid cleaning the whole unit and save a lot of air.

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