Gear Review: “Vitamin Water” bottle.

 Vitamin water bottleWhen I quit caring a stove, I quit caring a wide mouth nalgene.  I replaced it with a 20 ounce “Vitamin Water” bottle. I wanted a wide mouth bottle because it’s easier to  add drink powders to them.

I carry mine in a little  strap pocket I got from simblissity. com, water bottle pocket so it’s always handy to grab a drink.   I’ve seen other people rig up a bungee system on their straps to hold their  bottle.

I have been using the same bottle for  years.  That’s the thing about “single use” plastic bottles, I don’t care how many years I have carried the same bottle, nor how many times I have dropped it, nor how rough its life has been.   I have never, ever had a “single use” plastic bottle fail me.

They are light, dependable, and cheap.  “Single use” plastic bottles are what I use for all my water carrying needs.

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  1. I reuse those so called single use bottles over and over again. I make sure that I wash them the same as any other container that I’ve used. As you mentioned a plastic water bottle is very durable and if we recycle, REUSE, and reclaim the resource we are doing somehthing good for the environment.

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