Trail food review: Chicken of the Sea smoked salmon

bad smoked salmonWalking through the grocery aisle I spied a new product, Chicken of the Sea smoked salmon, in little take along, no refrigeration pouches.

When I saw it I said, “Yes! I should get a bunch of this and I can be eating smoked salmon all winter long”    Good thing I had the good sense to buy just one and try it out first.

It’s nothing like smoked salmon; bad flavor and a bad texture.  So bad.

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3 thoughts on “Trail food review: Chicken of the Sea smoked salmon”

  1. I bought some of that. I didn’t think it was so bad. But I spilled the juice on myself and spent the night sleeping next to an outhouse just in case any bears decided to eat me. My plan was to run inside the outhouse and lock the door against the bears.

  2. I found some of this in a hiker box and mixed it with a pack of MRE jalapeno ketchup from another hiker box and it tasted pretty good. Strange combination, but I think its tasty.

  3. I’m thinking you two were either really hungry when you ate it, or, you don’t know what smoked salmon is supposed to taste like.

    Good smoked salmon is one of the best tasting foods on the planet.

    I threw this stuff away, I thought if was so bad.

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