Advice for hermits

If you want to be alone, it’s important to know, you can never get far enough away;  humans and their noise producing machines are everywhere.   One thought that helps me, is to think of myself as an alien dropped off on a planet of apes.   Then I can just sit back and enjoy the show—like going to the zoo.

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Hermit, long distance hiker, primitive cabin dweller, seeker.

4 thoughts on “Advice for hermits”

  1. While hiking the PCT, I always enjoyed that sense of watching an alien world. And coming back to civilization and seeing how stupid this alien world is. I hate getting caught up in it again. I’m planning a more permanent escape.

    Another thing I liked about hiking the PCT was feeling like I was a secret forest nymph. I could be sitting by lake Clakamas sipping ice cold spring water from the inflow, observing kayakers on the lake, and I felt like they had no idea I was there. And then I would slip back into the woods again.

  2. I got the portable dwelling zine and have found it to have useful information. The bankers took my 401 k money once and they can do it again. With my experience on the trail and knowing that people can live outside the system happily, I’m ready for when it finally chews me up and spits me out once and for all.

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