Cheap cabin lighting

7 day candleThis candle is called a 7 day candle because it burns for 7 days continuously.  It comes in a glass jar so it doesn’t drip wax.   They cost about 1.50 in the Mexican food aisle at the grocery store or in the candle aisle at Walmart.   Sometimes they have pictures of Jesus and other saints on them.

If I have a guest, I  keep one going all night so they have a night light.

Most nights I don’t even light a candle.   I’m either reading on my laptop or reading a book with my LED headlamp.   Sometimes though,  it’s nice to sit around at night drinking tea, looking at a candle.

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6 thoughts on “Cheap cabin lighting”

  1. I’ve always seen those but didn’t know that the pictures were removable. Now, it seems like a good idea for cheap lighting, thanks.

  2. The pictures aren’t removable but they sometimes sell the same candles without Jesus on them right next to them..

    I usually get the ones without labels but if all they have are Jesus candles…well, okay, then.

    Walmart for sure sells them with or without Jesus.

  3. So I got this candle…it’s pretty good for a while but then the flame eventually gets incredibly small. It gets so small to a point that it barely generates any light and looks as if it would extinguish itself. Has that happened to you?

  4. Once in awhile I get a bum candle. The way they burn best is if you light them and let them burn for a week without blowing them out. If you do it that way they burn up almost every drop of wax and give you a week of lighting.. not sit down and read a book lighting….enough to see to get around your cabin lighting.

    You don’t get a lot of light like you would get from a taper but for 1.50, pretty good.

    If you try to burn them for an hour at time they don’t work that great.

    Once I got one that had a crooked wick in it. After about 3 days it broke the glass. So now I make sure the wick is coming up the middle before I buy it. I’ve been burning these candles for 15 years now and most of them have been good candles.

    If I only want a candle for a little while, I light a tea light. They come in big bags and only cost a 2 or 3 cents a piece.

    I don’t really look at candles as lighting.. they are more like entertainment. Mostly I use my LED headlamp as light.

  5. When it does this in a moulded candle it is called “guttering”. The wax melts in the middle only and forms a gutter or moat around the wick. Aventually the wax gets too deep and extinguishes the flame.
    Dipped candles however do not tend to do this because of their shape, narrow at the top.
    I have heard that putting candles in the fridge makes them burn for longer. We had no power or fridge at that time so could not try it.
    Le loup.

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