Final trip to town…I hope.

carrying water up hillSince there wasn’t  any snow to melt for water,   I headed out to town for one final load of water.    By the time I got back it was snowing.  If I had put my chains on, maybe I could have made it up to my cabin, but instead I decided to park  my truck at the bottom of my hill and  carry the water jugs up on my backboard.

Times like these, I wish I had bought the 5 gallon jugs instead of the 7 gallon jugs.

It’s cold and dark out there, but I have two more to go…..

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5 thoughts on “Final trip to town…I hope.”

  1. If you’re using those blue aquatainers from Walmart, they’re incredibly heavy when full. I would just put it on a makeshift sled and pull them.

  2. The cabin came with a wooden makeshift sled but, I found a packboard works best. The hill is very steep with rocks and stuff in the way.

    They are heavy, If I was buying them again, I might go for the 5 gallon size.

  3. I’d love to know more about the backboard. I’m not familiar with them. I mean I can reason what it is. Just would like to see your design.

  4. I guess the truck will stay at the bottom of the hill until spring, now. And just as you get all that water in, the snow starts. Well, at least you shouldn’t have to worry about water, now.

    Carolyn h.

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