Cabin improvement: DIY Full View door

Problem: My door is blocking my view.

Solution: Buy a 450 dollar full view door, wrestle the 150lb thing home and attempt to install it.


  • Chisel off the molding on the outside of door
  • Pop out the piece of plywood
  • Bring the piece of plywood to Home Depot, to the molding department, where they have a saw and miter box all set up and sell molding by the foot. Cut new molding to fit the piece of plywood.
  • Along with the molding, buy: some glazier points, water cleanup clear outdoor sealant, and some little finish nails or brads.
  • Bring piece of plywood to glass place and order a piece of tempered glass the same size as the piece of plywood. ( I asked for a little smaller, because the plywood was really tight.)
  • When you get your glass home, apply a bead of sealant around opening.
  • Press glass in opening
  • Install glazier points with a putty knife
  • Start the nails in the molding until the nail almost comes out the other side and then put on door and finish hammering.
  • Clean up the excess sealant on the glass.
  • Sit down and enjoy the view!

Difficulty level: Easy

Price: Under 50 dollars.

Web article that inspired me: How to put a window in a solid wood door

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5 thoughts on “Cabin improvement: DIY Full View door”

  1. Good post! I’m a retired carpenter (about 30 years experience) and I can’t add anything other than it’s a whole lot easier if you have your own tools.
    It’s good to see you’re back to blogging. I was starting to think you had become a full time granny/nanny. What are your hiking plans for this summer?

  2. Well, I’m kicking around the idea of going to Ashland and hiking south. I’d have a head on with “the herd” but after that I would pretty much have the trail to my self.

    It’d be nice to see the Sierra when there isn’t snow, high water, and mosquito.

    Still just kicking around ideas….

  3. Well I should be taking care of two cabins but instead I’m hanging out here.

    The realtor said he’d put in the dock but so far he hasn’t. He says he has a potential buyer but the realtor’s boat is not working.

    I gave him the name of a guy who will take people up 7 days a week 24 hours a day but I don’t know..

    In the US you can pay 250 dollars and get your listing in the MLS and then just pay the selling agent…That way you have a lot of agents working to sell your place, but I can’t find that service in Canada.

    Maybe after awhile I’ll head up… or I don’t know maybe I’ll just go hiking like I do every year and forget it.

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