Cabin bear

This morning I woke to someone walking around on my deck.   I hurried down from the loft and saw a glob of slobber running down my full view door and this bear.

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6 thoughts on “Cabin bear”

  1. Time for a remote, bear-proof food cache. The bear might bring friends next time and in a bears vs. cabin contest the cabin is probably going to loose. I’ve seen vehicles, boats and a bush plane shredded by bears. It’s pretty amazing what they can do if they smell food or even think they smell food.

  2. Last night the wind blew open my door so it probably wouldn’t have taken much effort for it to get the door open.

    I would be surprised if that bear lives much longer. Most people out here have guns, are afraid of wildlife, and love to kill stuff. If that bear comes on someone else’s porch they will shoot it.

    It looked to be a very young bear that probably doesn’t know better than to stay away from people.

  3. Yeah, me too. Instead of taking a picture of it, I should have thrown something at it, to teach it stay away from people.

    Last year, I heard, a bear came on someone’s porch and he shot it. I heard that same guy drives to the National forest and leaves buckets of peaches for bears until it’s bear hunting season and then goes to where he has been baiting them and shoots them.

    Hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear gun shots.

  4. that story about the man shooting a bear is just disgusting.

    that is an awesome up close shot though!

    do bears normally come that close to your cabin?

  5. Well until last year I hadn’t seen any bears around here. Then last year, I woke to a different bear trying to come in my open window.

    More and more people are moving into the area; the bears are probably losing places to go without people.

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