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This is how I get high speed internet in my remote off grid cabin.
This is how I get high speed internet in my remote off grid cabin.

After years of fighting my attraction to the internet, I’ve given up and embraced it.

There’s a big egg attached to the front of my cabin now.  It magically delivers high-speed wireless broadband into my cabin.

High speed as in, faster than the Co-op in town where I would usually have to go to, to get my internet fix and buy overpriced stuff so they wouldn’t resent me taking up space.

Faster than the motel rooms I would sometimes get just to enjoy some internet.

Faster than the visitor’s center, I would sit outside of in my truck, soaking up the internet till my battery died or I got too cold—well, maybe not faster than the visitor’s center, but the view is better and it’s certainly more comfortable.

I can stream movies with no lag time and there isn’t any data limits.

It won’t cost me anymore than having a land-line, dial-up internet, and scrounging off other people’s service. In fact it will be cheaper–considering a trip into town is 50 miles round trip and 5 of those miles are on a very rough unimproved dirt road that beats up my old truck.

It’s been 14 years since I’ve had my own high-speed internet connection.  It’s so exciting to relax on my couch and leisurely sip the net instead of gulping down as much as I can, quickly, before leaving town.

Wild fires came close to my cabin this year.  I was under a level 3 evacuation order for a month but only left for a week, when it got too smoky to breathe.  During that time, I relished having internet in motels.  I learned how to fold a dollar bill into a heart, watching a YouTube video, and I thought, “See this is the kind of thing you could do all day, if you had high-speed internet.”

Internet or no internet–I waste a lot of time on technology.  With internet I can wander a wider world with my technology.

Note:   You need line-of-sight to get broadband wireless.   The tower is 10 miles away and that’s why I need such a big egg.   Broadband wireless is much cheaper and much faster than satellite.   There also isn’t any data limit.

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