Waterproof your Iphone

phoneprotectorI now have a Samsung Galaxy 6s Active, which is supposed to be waterproof, but for three years I carried an Iphone on the trail.   When it was raining I would put it in a sandwich baggie.   It weighs 2 grams and cost 1.59 for a box of 50.    I could easily operate the phone through the plastic.

To use the headphones I poked a little hole in the bag.

gelcaseI also had a cheap little gel case for it to improve gripping and to give it some bounce when I dropped it.

My phone didn’t have an easy life.  I dropped it many times and  walked through  monsoons, showers, hail, and snow and my phone made it through intact.

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One thought on “Waterproof your Iphone”

  1. I came here expecting some crazy “hack” and it’s just “put your phone in a bag”. lol

    I have to say though, it’s a great fix for a common problem.

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