Me and my internet.

As you might have predicted, I’m not using the vast opportunities of the having high-speed internet to take any  interesting life changing courses but instead I’m mostly consuming a steady diet of trash TV sprinkled with videos of animals being funny.   I have a theory that all roads will lead you to the same place anyway.

I did find this course by the “Iceman“.   He teaches you how to swim in ice-water and climb Everest in your underwear.    The course cost 200 dollars.  It requires a printer to print out the handbook and a shower, which I have neither.    He has a free mini course at   I’m practicing by going for long walks without a coat and bare-legged and taking deep breaths when I get cold.     If I find some discipline I’ll sign up for the course and develop my “super powers”.   There is plenty of snow to roll around in and I guess that could be my cold shower and I know someone with a printer……

Here is a link to a documentary about him

If you are looking for something great to watch on Netflix, may I suggest, “Small Town Security”.     Without a doubt the greatest reality show ever made.  If Errol Morris made reality TV,  I think  it would look something like Small Town Security.   There are 3 seasons.   Start at the beginning.

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