Trail food- Pasta with Thai peanut sauce.

  • Put water and pasta in pot, cover with lid or foil
  • heat to boiling or near boiling.
  • When water reaches boiling or near boiling turn off stove let pasta cook on it’s own.
  • When pasta is done, pour excess water into your nalgene bottle.cabin-258-2.jpg
  • Add peanut butter, garlic powder, dried crushed red peppers and some of the hot water from your Nalgene bottle to pasta. ( You can get the crushed red peppers in little packets at the pizza parlor.)
  • keep stirring and add more hot water if necessary.
  • Add a packet of chicken or tuna, if you like.
  • Use remaining hot water, if there is any, to make your after dinner hot beverage. Always drink your pasta water.

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