Keeping the inside of your tent dry.

cabin2-112.jpgFor dealing with water inside my tent due to condensation or from wet clothes and gear, I carry a small camp towel. I cut it down; it weighs .9 of an ounce(26 grams).  I’m thinking of cutting it down some more to save weight; maybe even in half.

“It absorbs 10 times its weight in water and wringing removes 92% of water making it instantly ready for re-use.”

I wipe the walls of my tent down with it, wring it out and wipe some more. It is particularly useful in sopping up puddles in my tent. Some people say that you can use your bandanna, but a bandanna doesn’t absorb any water once it’s wet; it just smears the water around.

Mine came with a loop on it so I can loop it on to the back of my pack while it dries; you can sew one on if can’t find one with a loop or just use a safety pin.

It can also be used as a super absorbent bandage.

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