The cure for sore knees. (I think)

I read about this supplement on the Cool Tools website. It’s called Juveon and Dr. Weil is big on it. It’s supposed to improve brain function. It’s expensive: about a dollar a day. I tried it for a month and during that month, didn’t notice any improvement in my brain function.ingredients.gif

However, I had upped my training to include carrying weight in my backpack. Even though usually when I hike up and down hills with a pack on, my knees hurt; they didn’t hurt.

After a month there was a week lag in getting the next bottle. My knees started to hurt. When I got the new bottle and I resumed taking it again, my knees stopped hurting.

I didn’t want to say anything too quickly because I couldn’t find anyone else on the Internet with similar results. I decided to wait until the end of my hike to post my results.

I got to the end of the PCT and my knees didn’t hurt. They did the first time I hiked it. They did on the AT. I’m able to do deep knee juvenon.gifbends after hiking 2700 miles–no problem.

Is it the Juveon? I think so. It’s the only thing different I did this time.

A dollar a day is a lot for a supplement but it’s worth it if I can go on long distance hikes without sore knees.

Note: My order came with coupon “for a friend” for $5 off their first purchase. The promotion code to redeem the offer is: TF5001

Update: I now buy it from VitaCost —16.65 for a two month supply.

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