Dragon sighting.

I hiked with a guy, for awhile, who told me this story. When he was ten, he was very practical and rooted in reality. He had a paper route and other jobs, and though he lived at home he considered himself on his own.

One day he looked up at the sky to see a huge dragon doing a 180 turn. He tried to get some of his family members to come out and look but they just yelled for him to come in to dinner.

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2 thoughts on “Dragon sighting.”

  1. I love these couple of paragraphs.. great story..
    I love this website, period.
    I came across it while researching for my pct hike.
    thanks for taking the time to make it happen.

    how serious was this guy about seeing the dragon?
    thats an interesting vision

  2. He was totally serious. He is an engineer who wanted hard evidence for everything I said. Like one time, as we were hiking along I said, “I read that the hydration levels of people who drink coffee and coke are the same as people who drink water” He wanted me to site my sources.

    I have no doubt that he saw a dragon. He said he has thought about that dragon for every day for the past 35 years.

    Will you be out hiking this year? If so, I look forward to meeting you. Have a great hike.

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