Looking for firewood in all the wrong places

I went to the Barter Fair yesterday. In past years, there were people with big loads of firewood for sale and I was hoping to buy some and have it delivered. No such luck. No one seems to have wood for sale around here, this year.

I have lots of land and lots of dead trees I could cut up. I don’t like cutting wood. It’s loud and frustrating and I always need to be messing with the chainsaw. Plus, I worry about sustaining an injury that could end up costing me a lot more than a couple loads of firewood.

One thing I do like, is going around picking up small sticks for my fire. The fire I get from the sticks if very hot. In past years I have wanted to just go out and only pick up sticks for my firewood, but I bowed to others who told me that I needed to fire up a chainsaw and cut big wood. But what did people do before they had chainsaws: they picked up sticks.

Yesterday there were some snow flurries.

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