The bugs inside my cabin.

The worst thing about fall is the bugs. My cabin fills with wasps and stink bugs. Neither of those bugs are that bad unless you step on them.

I got up this morning and in the dark stepped on a wasp; it stung me on the bottom of my foot.

Once, while I slept, a stink bug landed on my forehead. In my sleep, I reached up, grabbed the bug, and threw it off; the stink woke me up and I had to go wash my forehead. They don’t really stink that bad. It smells like instant apple cider mix and they don’t spray it unless you bother them.

Sometimes, the bugs are so bad, I set up my travel tent and sleep in it.

During the winter and spring, I carry the bugs outside; during the fall, I would have no time for anything else and they probably would just crawl back in. Twice a day I have been turning on my generator, plugging in my new shop vac, and vacuuming them up.

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