In contact.

It has been sunny here lately. So, not a big adjustment to my computer use, but it’s suppose to snow for the next week. I like having failing batteries in my solar system. I like being constrained by the sun. It puts me in contact.

When I first moved here, I tried to get a well, but the well guy said I would have to build a better road up to my cabin. I didn’t want to spend my summer messing around with road building and well guys so I  left it for another year. However, I found I really liked carrying my water from the spring. It put me in contact with my needs. I put some empty 1 gallon jugs in my back pack when I head out for my walk and get some.

Now, if I want electricity I have to wait for the sun to shine. When I first set up my system, I tried to get this Human Powered Generator but it was right after a hurricane and they were all sold out. If I get some new batteries I may get it yet. Because it puts me in contact with the energy that I’m using. However, if the 2 watt laptop works out I could power it with a much smaller and more portable crank generator.

It’s what makes life good. If I want heat–I build a fire, If I want water– I go get it. If I want to use the computer–I can wait for the sun.

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