Gear Review: Z-Rest (Full Length)


My pad of choice is a
full length Z-Rest. I have been carrying one since 2003.

I carry a full length because a single-walled sil-nylon tent can be a wet place to be and my full length pad is an island to sleep on; too many mornings I woke up with my feet in a puddle of water to go with anything less than full length.

I rarely put up my tent; with a full length pad I just whip it out, pull out my bag and I’m ready for bed. No ground cloth required.

I unfold my pad at every break to lounge on. When the ground is wet it’s nice to have something dry to lay on that won’t absorb water.

The Z-Rest stays comfy for a whole thru-hike; I usually replace my pad every 3000 miles or so.

A Z-Rest can be cut up and used for splinting material.

They are now called Z-lites and the manufacture is saying it weighs 14oz.(396 grams) Mine weighs 15oz.

Other pads I have used:

The Mt. Washington– 8oz for a 60inch pad–went flat fast; it wasn’t full length; the little air holes in it held water

Ultra light ThermaRest 3/4 -16oz–not convenient for breaks; needs to be protected from the ground; wasn’t full length; required carrying a ground sheet for camping without a tent.

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