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booksYou probably know about Google Books;  you can type in any word or phrase and they will show you a bunch of books with that word or phrase and then you can preview the books.

It’s supposed to be like browsing at a book store but there are also books and magazines in their entirety for download.

Here is something Laen turned me on to.  It’s called Google Book Downloader ; it finds all the pages it can of a book and downloads them.  Then you can save it as a pdf and read it.

It’s a program you have to download.   Once you download it you need to read the instructions because it’s not that intuitive.

Then you put in the link for the book from Google Books or the ISBN and it starts finding your book, one page at a time.

On a dial up it is pretty slow, but eventually,  I end up with almost the entire book.

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