My favorite drink powders

I carry drink mixes on the trail.     I think they help, but it might just be my belief that they help that makes them help.  I don’t care.  As long as they keep me drinking fluids and I keep hiking.    These are my favorites:

and B vitamins   I’ve discovered this in 2007 and have been packing it ever since.    I don’t carry a stove any more so this is what I drink in the morning instead of coffee or tea.    Cheapest place to get it is at Walmart; it’s 2 dollars a box there.


Emergen-C lite with MSM.    I have been packing this since 2001.  Cheapest place to buy it, is at Lucky vitamins.

  • Cal-Mag Fizz I read somewhere that taking calcium will reduce your chances of getting a stress fracture,  so I started takinCAL-MAG FIZZ INFOg this.   I like the way it tastes and it rejuvenates me like no other drink mix I have tried.

Cheapest place to buy it is at Buy 4 and the shipping is free. Lemon-lime is the best tasting.

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