Best socks ever.

socksI’ve been getting e-mails from my buddy, Pinball, on the Continental Divide Trail.   He’s sitting around on cold frosty mornings darning his socks.  He should have bought Fox River Off Road or Fox River Endeavor socks.

I bought a pair of each in early June of 2008 and they are still going strong.    Besides my neoprene socks, these are the only two pairs of socks I have worn in 16 months.  I have hiked over 3000 miles in them and a lot of those miles were wearing them with sandals.

For the average person, I would guess two pair  would last their entire life.

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3 thoughts on “Best socks ever.”

  1. Fox River socks are great. I wore several styles of their boot socks when I was working in construction. While they don’t have nearly the miles on them that yours do they have had a lot of stop,start,turn under load type of abuse and they still look new.

  2. It would be hard to beat these socks. These aren’t thick heavy socks, they’re light–only 1.5 ounces for the pair. They look like normal socks but they don’t wear out.

    The review I read about Darn Tough Vermont socks say they are 3.8 ounces. That’s a really heavy sock.

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