Washing my raincoat.

In 2007 , just before I entered wet and cold Washington, I replaced my ripped up  12.99 DriDucks with a 120.00 dollar rain coat from REI.     It blocked the wind better than my Dri Ducks and was more durable, but it also weighed more.

Then, this  year I was hiking in the rain and it didn’t keep me one bit dry.

I brought it back to REI.    They asked me if I ever washed it.  “Nope, ” I proudly said.  They said you have to wash raincoats or they quit keeping you dry.  Something about dirt and oil clogging the pores.

tech washThey told me to wash it in Nikwax Tech Wash and then use some Nikwax spray-on water repellent treatment on it.

I did it but I haven’t tried it out since.

The Tech wash and the water repellent cost more then a new set of Dri-ducks.

I’m thinking of going back to  Dri  Ducks and garbage sacks.

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  1. They do need to be washed. Then, they last for years without the special chemicals to wash them in. Use powder detergent when washing and wash 2 or 3 times per year in warm water. Then dry in mild heat for about 10 minutes. Won’t be completely dry but close. Hang up. Next day, waterproof.

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