Gear Review:Garbage bag rain skirt.

laen in a trashbag

trashbagsI have been carrying a cinch strap  garbage bag for a  rain skirt since 2001.   It’s light,  comes in different sizes, offers great ventilation, is cheap, and works perfectly.

The picture is of Laen, sporting a 33 gallon sized Hefty cinch garbage sack weighing 1.6 ounces.

I often wear mine even if I’m wearing rain pants, because it has been my experience that all rain pants eventually leak but a trash bag is dependable.

Some people make or buy a rain skirt out of sil-nylon.   They are more expensive, less water proof, and heavier.

I’m thinking of improving my garbage bag skirt with a better cinch cord.  I’m also thinking of trying out the 39 gallon size for a longer skirt.

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