The realities of hermit life

Several winters ago, sitting in my dark cabin at night, I opened a room in my mind that I didn’t know was there.   Then I saw a long hallway lined with doors and  realized I could spend a lifetime opening rooms, exploring my own mind.

That’s what hermit life is like.

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Hermit, long distance hiker, primitive cabin dweller, seeker.

3 thoughts on “The realities of hermit life”

  1. Hello Hermit.

    I used to have a recurring dream that I discovered a whole wing of my house that I either didn’t know (or had forgotten) existed. i LOVED that dream. And somewhere along the line I realized that represented me, and my life, and that I had all kinds of doors to open and rooms to explore in my life. It was very empowering.

  2. Good post, I must search out your earlier posts. I do enjoy a hermits life, but it can get very lonely not being able to share your interests.
    I look forward to new posts.
    Regards, Le Loup.
    Wychwood Forest.

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