On the trail and off—never wash another dish.

Backwood dishwasherLiving without running water is easy.   Truth is, it’s easier than with running water if you consider the time and money you have to spend on plumbing,  paying water bills, fixing pluming, worrying about it freezing, etc.     I don’t spend 10 minutes a week on water.

You just do things differently so you don’t waste any water.   Take for example making spaghetti:

no wash spaggetti

So you see, no washing, no wasted water.

Once in awhile I wash a few dishes but for the most part my system is:  1. Eat from pot, 2.  clean with spatula, 3. boil water in pot and use for hot beverage.

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3 thoughts on “On the trail and off—never wash another dish.”

  1. I have lived many years without running water on tap, but now that I have it I must say that I think it is much easier than having to carry and boil on the stove top.
    Our new cabin has tap water, but out here in the forest it is our own tank water so no water rates to pay.
    Good post.
    Regards, Le Loup.

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