8 thoughts on “My new favorite meal”

  1. I don’t know about the laws but couldn’t you just bring a tent and say you are camping? If you go out on to BLM land you can camp in one spot for 14 days. Then you have to move to another spot. These aren’t campgrounds, they’re great solitary spots with terrific views.

    Just start driving down roads on BLM land. Many of them end at old log landings with terrific views.

    You might want to buy some cheap land and park on it. Where I live, I got my land with lots of trees and big views for under 1000 dollars an acre. The sage brush land was going for 300 dollars an acre.

    I do know that a lot of laws are not enforced in poor places. Like where I live a lot of people live without running water in abodes they built themselves without building permits. They just come out access the shacks and tax them.

  2. Apples and peanut butter are great. So are bananas and peanut butter. Anything is better with peanut butter.

    I hope to either own cheap land some day or do the BLM thing. Possibly campground hosting, too, if possible just to earn a little money. The BLM thing kind of appeals a little more to me because it doesn’t require me having money or being tied down to a single place.

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